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SSL Certificate and Ecommerce security


									?Online scam and thefts increase day by day. These thieves roams near to you but
invisible, infact you can not see them but you realize their presence once you get
kicked with money lose. Online ecommerce is riding with extreme speed as people
want to get all things sitting on (Bull) seat. However internet changed the world and
commerce definition is changed to E-commerce- Easy shopping and Easy payment.
You would be happy as you having an e-commerce website or want to start in feature.
Before you step up you should check follow with your website.

Why only few customers use my website out of thousands?

Buyer always check online store (E-commerce) prior to payment process. It is great
that you offer good price and good service, but what if your website is not secured for
safe payment process. As a new ecommerce businessman or non technical person or
as an online buyer you should check this ‘Is this website secured for safe payment
process?' Well first I will let you know hacker safe website always starts with
HTTPS://. Website only using HTTP:// is not a secure website as it does not support
data security.

How to seller achieve SSL certificate for website?

SSL certificates are used to provide data security over online website. SSL certificates
are kind of security certificate and issued by third party (CA-Certificate Authority).
Website owner has to apply for website security SSL certificate for along with
business and website ownership identity. CA follows domain and business verification
process and only issue SSL for genuine request. If seller failed to verify then CA will
not issue SSL certificate. Somehow we always used to trust third party verification.
There are many CAs like VeriSign, GeoTrust, COMODO, Thawte, RapidSSL,
GlobalSign, etc. All this CAs now offering their reseller to sell SSL certificates direct
to customers. Resellers are only used to sell SSL certificates the verification and SSL
issuance process will be handled by CA it self. So it is safe buying SSL from resellers.

How SSL secures online data?

SSL certificate is developed on basis of data encryption and decryption technology.
SSL certificates are used to support 128 to 256 bit encryption and decryption. Seller
has to install SSL certificate on his website where is host the website. Once the
website is successfully installed with SSL then SSL security site seal should be
enabled on home page of website. Now anyone browse website from any PC
anywhere in the world, enters CC or personal information. These all content will be
encrypted before it travel from PC to Server. So data is secured on road. No one can
decrypt and read this data. Only seller website server can encrypt and read this. This
is type of End to End strong security.

Running a SSL secured ecommerce website will increase your customer trust and this
trust will lead you to more business. I believe is as a buyer or seller always use only
SSL certificate secured website. Thus you will never get abused with private data
stealing or money loses.

About Author

Author of this article is experienced person have been working in SSL
industry since last few year. He is working with the company providing SSL
Certificates, Geotrust ssl certificate, Thawte SSL certificates and many more. Author
have contributed various articles in blog and websites.

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