Interested in Beat Maker Software- by gyvwpsjkko


									?So you want to create beats on the computer? You have searched online, carried out
your research and chosen the software that you want to use to generate your beats.
Now what do you do?

Well, the first step and one that many people typically skip, would be to refer to the
instructions for your software then install it onto your computer.

After you have it installed then you will be ready to get creative and make some new
and impressive beats all on your own. However if it is your first time, you most likely
have a lot of unharnessed ideas and you will be feeling somewhat lost as to where you
should start.

So I am going to go through step by step what you should do to get going. Now keep
in mind, all music software is a bit different and you may have to adjust these steps a
bit if they do not quite fit with your programs interface. Irrespective though, you
should be able to produce beats on your own quickly and simply.

Okay, so you are at your computer with your music software in front of you, take a
look and see if you can figure out how many tracks are on hand for recording? Can
you find it? It should be anywhere between four and thirty two.

Pick the first track so you have a nice clean slate to start getting creative. At this point,
you should build a base line with your drum machine software and after this it is time
to really have fun and play.

When you are looking at producing drum beats you need to really give yourself the
time to have a good play, particularly if you have never done this before. Get really
acquainted with all the current different sounds of the drums and percussion til you
have developed a drum beat that lasts about 5 seconds.

Next all you need to do is loop the sound and you have the heart of the beat. The drum
beat will be the very basis of your sound and sets up the mood of the whole piece of
the song. So you need to ensure it is exactly what you want because every thing else
develops on top of this loop.

So now you have a drum beat you can really get to work and make music on computer.
It is time to build on the sound, and to do this you can use a variety of different things.

You could record vocals straight onto your music program, or you could consider
using a synthesizer software to produce different riffs with some other instruments
that you can build on top of your beat with.

Be sure to turn off your initial track though so that you do not record directly over
your carefully selected drum beat. Use your software, synthesizer or recording
software to produce the sounds that you lay down over the top, each in a different
track on your music software.

This is very important to enable you to mix them together and select the volume of
each one. Some musicians will record the same riff or sound in more than one track to
provide some serious depth and layering in the final piece.

You can add some really creative flair by doing the same riff in two or three different
instruments and layer them over the top to create a great chorus sound. It is seriously
enjoyable and quite simple to create beats using a computer, simply experiment and
see what kind of great sounds you can come up with.

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