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					?A new trend in presentation and interactive learning today would be the Interactive
white board, also called the Panaboard. This clever teaching technique is seemingly
replacing the chalkboard in classrooms, boardrooms, and even athletic training rooms
the world over. It works by incorporating the basic properties of a chalkboard, with
the use of graphic computer based projections- with the greatest difference being the
ability to interact with the presented material.

The use of a computer and an LCD projector allows the moderator to project the
desktop image of the computer screen onto a large white flat board, usually placed on
the wall, or sometimes on a mobile stand. Using touch screen technology, the
projected images on the board can be actively manipulated by the participants viewing
the board. The great advantage here the interactivity; students of all ages are no longer
learning from a distance; they can take an active part in the lesson.

Schools are already implementing this new teaching method globally, as the use of a
computer for education purposes allows the freedom to use video, music, and
animation in the presentation. Educators now have the option to not only project the
information on the board, but also capture notes written on the board and infuse them
into the graphic presentation, and ultimately save it electronically for future use. With
the use of electronic tablets or slates, the students can manipulate the lesson on the
white board, allowing individual customization of the lesson. This is made possible
with the use of specialized software that is available for use with the program.

Not only would schools benefit from the use of white boards in the classroom, but
they are ideal for lecturers in the business environment. The amount of information
that can be shared, presented and saved is incredible; full sized audiences can now
take part of an efficient, interactive learning experience. Any form of information,
whether it is from the Internet, a newspaper, even a few jotted notes from a notepad,
can not only be viewed on the board, but also printed.

Teachers also have the ability to make the presentation of the material easier with the
use of a white board pen; that basically functions similar to a mouse. There is also
Bluetooth capability available, which allows the computer to be used wirelessly with
the white board system without any actual physical connections.

Considering what is offered by the use of white boards, it seems pretty safe to assume
that technology has provided a simpler and more successful method of interactive
learning. This system exemplifies a new and effective system of teaching; with the
benefit of creating your own customizable lesson plan with unlimited sources of
information at your fingertips.

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