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Interactive Kiosks


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									?The widespread popularity of interactive kiosks shows how computers have
transcended the confines of time and space and catapulted into a new level of

Right from retail outlets, shipping companies, airports, cyber cafes, libraries,
company cafeterias, and other places where personal computers are not available,
interactive kiosks are installed for providing access to on-demand information through
web surfing, e-mail and viewing of multimedia files. They also provide access to
various software applications.

The design of interactive kiosks depend on the location and requirement. A swanky
and spanking building will have sleek and stylish cases for enclosing the touch screen
devices while a shipping company will have the computers encased in strong, durable
steel shells. In instances where the requirement is limited, kiosks may simply be
regular PCs.

However, irrespective of the appearance, all interactive kiosks have certain features in
common like the cabinet which holds a CPU display, the shell which houses the
Kiosk's innards and any peripherals that may be essential. Other additional features
include Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, Bluetooth, one Express card, one Firewire,
color coded speaker, web-cam and display lighting. Intel Mobile processors are used
frequently because they reduce the amount of heat generation without compromising
on the performance of the interactive kiosks.

The touch screen feature enables you to move from one page or browser to another
with the swipe of your hand. This makes the process of navigation much easier. Apart
from the wall-mounted designs, several other kiosk touch screen PC variations may
include desktop, floor standing, glass models, and many more.

You can also purchase simple desktop touch screen PCs for kiosk use. A kiosk
desktop computer has wide ranging features that make the PC a cut above the rest.
Along with the regular E-mail sending option, you are provided with Video and Photo
sharing features, emergency and customer service video calls, and customizable GUI
(Graphic User Interface). If you like, you can also restrict access to objectionable sites
by applying minimum efforts. Moreover, its content printing facility also enables you
get a print out of the web pages.

With a plethora of data ports and durability features, kiosks like Smart-Leaf are the
most versatile. Smart-Leaf caters to your needs proficiently. It provides both touch
screen and typing options. The built-in WIFI and TV tuner also provides Smart-Leaf
with wireless and full TV functionality.
However, before installing a kiosk, you should keep certain things in mind:

* The operating system is the most important. For most applications, it is easiest to go
with the latest version of Windows, but Linux is the most cost-effective way to go

* To safeguard the kiosk against viruses, you should have an anti-virus program in

* For running it smoothly, flash, acrobat reader and macromedia should be installed.

* Set up a separate log in and password to enter the system.
For a better understanding of the Smart-Leaf system, you can log onto Smart-Leaf.

Above all, remember a kiosk should be a user friendly device. So, before buying,
always ensure it has the right interactive features for your application so that you can
get the best out of it.

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