Peter the Anteater by mudoc123


									College Park Students
     Learn about
 Peter the Anteater
          What is a Mascot?

                          • What is the
                            College Park
                            mascot symbol?

This is the UCI symbol:
“Peter the Anteater”
 What does Peter the Anteater
         Mascot do?
Peter the Anteater
  goes to the UCI
Peter cheers for the
  UCI teams and
  greets the fans.
Peter is friendly and
With Peter’s help, UCI is often
        the “Winner”!
Men’s Volleyball team
  won the NCAA
Women’s Golf team
  went to the National
And you are a winner
                         UCI Cool Notes
The Giant Anteater is the
inspiration for Peter’s

   Giant Anteater           Peter the Anteater
   in a                     at UCI
The Symbol of Peter is based
     the Giant Anteater
                   Order: Edentata (without
                   Two-foot long tongue
                   Eats ants & termites, 30,000
                   per day!
                   4-6’ long
                   65-140 pounds
 More about the Giant Anteater
Habitat: Grasslands
  from Southern Mexico
  to N. Argentina
Habits: Solitary and slow
Behavior: Digs for food,
  and defends himself
  with his long claws.
Family: Young live with
  the mother for about                    Photos: Peter Price
  one year.
Can you see the baby anteater riding on his mother’s back?
  Peter the Anteater knows his
Can you see where
 the Giant Anteaters
 live on this map of
 the Americas?

  Map of the Americas

You can see the Giant Anteater at
the Santa Ana Zoo: “Tierra de las
     Pampas” (grasslands)

       Map of the Santa Ana Zoo
Giant Anteater Sculpture at UCI

This is the anteater sculpture at UCI
1987, 350 pounds bronze, artist Bill Fitzgerald
   “Peter’s Pals”: UCI Students

Here you can see how
 much UCI students
 love their mascot.
Now you are a “Peter
 Pal” too!

                       UCI Admissions
What did we learn today?
           I am Peter the Anteater’s Pal and my name is:

We visited UCI in 2010 and I Learned about Peter the Anteater. He is
the UCI mascot, and now I want to be one of “Peter‟s Pals”. Peter „s
shape is inspired by the Giant Anteater. These anteaters typically live in
_________________________ ____________________________.
And now you can see one right here in Orange County in the Santa Ana
Zoo. Today I learned that the Giant Anteater weighs about
__________________pounds, eats as many as 30,000
______________and ___________ per day and has a tongue that is
this many inches long ____________________. Peter the Anteater,
the UCI mascot, is really a student that wears a costume that consists
of ______________________and a ________________________.
Peter the Anteater’s main job is to go to all of the UCI
__________________. His job is to help the ___________________
win. Some day I would like to come back to UCI as a college student
and then I would be Peter the Anteater’s Pal every day!
Zot! Zot! Zot!
          Drawing & Coloring
           Peter the Anteater
Lets brainstorm what you
  have learned about the
  Giant Anteater
Then it is your turn to
  draw with the “artist
  ant” and then color
  Peter the Anteater
  any way you choose to.

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