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									?Spy is related to an individual finding information which is termedas secret and
confidential without taking permission of holder who is responsible for holding the
information. The spy is also known as espionage. Espionage is termed as clandestine
which act as the main holder of the information . The clandestine may change its view
regarding the information once it comes to know that the information is in wrong
hands. One can know more about spy or espionage or clandestine by reading lots of
articles or visiting to sites.

general meaning of spy is secret agent . And througout history incidents of spy has
been recorded. One can give a look in our ancient writings also when chinese and
indian armed forces were using Sun-Tzu and Chanakya who were collecting
information on sources of deception and subversion. Even the founder of maurya
empire chandragupta maurya who was the student of chanakya was using the spy
sources such as assassinations, spies, and secret agents as mentioned in chanakya's
arthasastra. Even spy incidents one can see in modern espinages also.

Lots of countries are using spy as source of providing security to one's countrymen by
applying it in defence areas. In each country various departments play an important
role in gathering spy information. For this they use many intelligence collection
techniques overlead other countries defencely. One can understand the concept of spy
by following the example of former USSR which used human sources instead of
research in open sources for doing spy and due to lackness in the country's defence
spy that the country shattered. In the same way united states too had spy methods and
it focuses on technological methods like SIGINT and IMINT.

In short one can say that in today's time spy term can be used in a meaningful way
rather than taking only negative aspect of the word. Not only in defence spy can act as
a source of getting used but also in lots of ways such as in technical fields, scientific
and research fields it can play an important role.

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