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                                                                       Standards & Guidelines

                     Landscape Guidelines Landscape Concept – LA 103

         The Landscape Concept is the response to the opportunities and constraints explored during the
         Landscape Analysis. It is the basis from which the Final Landscape Design (see LA 104
         'Landscape Design and Documentation Guidelines') is developed, and details all critical aspects
         and issues of the project.


         The goal of the Landscape Concept is to provide sufficient information to clearly describe the
         scope, context, content and outcomes of the landscape proposal, and provide sufficient detail
         such that a Final Landscape Design, based on the Landscape Concept, can be produced.

         The Landscape Concept will satisfy the general principles outlined in 'Greenways' Code of
         Practice and the Project Brief.


         The output of the Landscape Concept shall be:

         Summary Report :                One paper copy, plus copy of electronic file if available*.

         Drawings :                      One set of paper prints, plus copy of electronic file if available*.

                                        * It is normally expected that report and drawing information will be
                                          available in an electronic format. (See LA 105, 'Landscape Design
                                          Drawing Guidelines' for format requirements)


         The Landscape Concept consolidates and details the issues of the Landscape Analysis. It forms
         the foundation of the project‟s objectives, creating and developing the philosophy and design
         criteria. All major conflicts, resolutions, compromises and agreements with all stakeholders are to
         be resolved at this stage.

         The Project Brief, 'Greenways' Code of Practice, this Guideline, other relevant Landscape
         Guidelines and Technical Notes shall be used as the basis for the Landscape Concept.

         References from 'Greenways' are as follows:

                     Stage 5.0          Establish the Landscape Philosophy, Concept and Design Criteria.
                     Stage 6.0          Develop the Landscape Plan
                     Stage 7.0          Develop the Landscape Management Plan
                     Stage 8.0          Agreement in Principle

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                                                                Landscape Guidelines Landscape Concept - LA103


         The Landscape Concept Summary Report shall consist of, but not limited to, the following:

                     the Landscape Plan - philosophy, criteria and recommendations covering all aspects of
                     the design

                     the Landscape Management Plan

                     a provisional list of plant/direct seeding species

                     a provisional list of quantities

                     a preliminary cost estimate which reflects current market rates and includes
                     construction and maintenance requirements. The cost estimate should include a
                     breakdown of all required items and the cost per unit of all materials.

         Landscape Concept Drawings

         The Landscape Concept Drawings shall:

                     be at the scale as stipulated in the Brief and shall show existing vegetation which will
                     remain after completion of construction activities differentiated from proposed
                     planting/direct seeding

                     be detailed in accordance with the relevant sections of    LM 105 'Landscape Design
                     Drawing Requirements' (currently under review)

                     fully communicate the Landscape design.

                     The drawings may also include:

                               cross sections

                               perspective drawings

                               appropriate text/schedules

         RESPONSIBILITIES (when work is carried out by a consultant)

         The Consultant shall be responsible for:

                     Incorporating any comments made about the Landscape Analysis by the Principal

                     Addressing all critical aspects of the project as set out in the Landscape Analysis
                     General Guideline, “Greenways” Code of Practice and the Brief.

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                                                                 Landscape Guidelines Landscape Concept - LA103

                     Preparing a report and drawings which:

                     ∗    reflect the requirements of these guidelines and associated Technical Guidelines

                     ∗    are directly traceable to the Landscape Analysis

                     ∗    address the issues in „Greenways” Code of Practice, Stages 5, 6, 7, & 8

                     ∗    are in accordance with any mandatory hold points as set out in the Brief

                     Presenting the Landscape Concept to the Principal, Council and committee meetings
                     as required.

                     Providing the Principal with a copy of the Landscape Concept a minimum of one day
                     prior to the above presentation.

                     Making any amendments to the report or drawings which result from the Landscape
                     Concept presentation and/or the examination of the Landscape Concept (see below).

         The Principal shall be responsible for :

                     Examining and commenting on the Landscape Concept within ten (10) working days
                     following the Presentation.

                     NOTE :

                     No further work shall be performed by the Consultant until approval is given by the
                     Principal to proceed.

                     Approval of the Landscape Concept by the Principal shall not absolve the
                     Consultant from the responsibility of providing an acceptable landscape design,
                     nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection.

K-Net Doc:     2419101                                                            UNCONTROLLED COPY WHEN PRINTED
Version No.:   2
Issue Date:    08/02/2008
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