Spreading Brand Awareness Through Promotional Giveaways

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Spreading awareness of your product is one of the most crucial steps towards making
it a household name, and numerous expensive advertising methods have been
developed towards this bent. Commercials, magazine ads, and billboards all
accomplish the goal of making your brand visible, but advertisements of this nature
seldom stick with a consumer far beyond the time during which they see these
advertisements, unless the brand is already well known. Pair this with the extremely
expensive nature of this form of advertising, and you can see how there must be a
better option for spreading awareness of your brand.

This is where promotional giveaways come into play. Simple, small 'freebies' can be
earning you and your brand the recognition that can sensationalize your product. By
spreading brand awareness through promotional giveaways, you are showing
consumers that you are confident in the quality of your product by providing them
something for free. This shows that you feel so strongly about the quality of your
brand that you are almost certain that after having a small taste of your product, that
consumers will clamor for more and will gladly pay for it. Think of this small
investment as a show of confidence in your brand, which is extremely important
because if consumers feel you have little faith in the quality of your product that gives
them little reason to try your brand rather than an alternative.

If your brand is a fledgling on the market, promotional giveaways will be your bread
and butter in advertising. More often than not, you simply will not be able to afford
decent time slots for commercials, or magazine ads in periodicals that will be read by
your target audiences. When you are setting up a promotional giveaway, the venue
you choose will most likely be more than happy to have you there, as you will attract
customers. After all, people love to get free stuff, and chances are that more than a
few will turn around and patronize the venue in which you have staged your
promotion. This allows you to focus less on setup costs and more on the message you
want to send out.

The promotional item that you choose to distribute is very important in regards to
such an endeavor. If possible, it should be related to your brand, though this often
becomes a bit of a stretch. If you cannot tie your promotional item directly to your
brand or product, the next best thing is to give away something useful and of high

Keychains and bottle openers make for wonderful promotional items, because the
people who receive them will be constantly using them and being reminded of your
brand. If you provide a high quality promotional item, they will even begin to
associate its high quality with your brand, and soon you will have a loyal customer.

Business gifts are a great way to show your employees that you care about them. You
can try using logo printed items which will get your name out there and please your