Spotting Dropshipping Scams by gjjur4356


									?Dropshipping scams are getting more common by the day. There are many reasons
for the sudden increase in dropship scams and without reading a dropship review, it is
difficult to make out a scam from the real deal. This article talks about some common
giveaways or tips to spot a fraud.

Lack of information: If the so called drop shipper does not have all prices, product
information at his or her fingertips then they are in all probability `middle men and
not real drop shippers. This means that they are not stocking or holding any goods
themselves but interfacing with another party that does.
Processing Fee: Any demand or request for any kind of processing fee for viewing the
prices or products is unjustified. As a partner, you do not to have to pay until any
service is rendered. In this case, the service being goods sold or delivered.
Dubious Company Background: It is more common to find dropshipping scams
amongst newer brands and companies than established brand names. Make sure to
check out how long the company has been in existence.

Apart from the above, you may also want to find out the charges that the company
asks for. Companies running dropshipping scams either charge too high or too low
depending on their kind of fraud. The ones that charge too much are making their
money off gullible people who dont know the real costs; those that are charging too
low are probably hoping to make their money by stealing your customer database and
selling it to the highest bidder.

In either case, it may be worthwhile to take some time and understand how the model
works and why companies offer the services that they do. Without this basic
understanding, you will always be susceptible to newer kinds of fraud. You may want
to join a wholesale forum or read reviews for a more conceptual understanding.

Dropshipping scams are very common in the industry and are best spotted by reading
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