Spinal Cord Injury Law

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					?A Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer is one who specializes in the area of the law known as
torts. This is a body of law that covers personal injuries, which are usually physical in
nature, but also includes certain forms of psychological and emotional distress, loss of
property and reputation, and the loss of a loved one (usually this is wrongful death,
but in some cases may also include alienation of affection in which adultery is

If you have suffered a spinal injury due to another's negligence or carelessness, a
Spinal Injury Attorney can help make certain that you are not bankrupted by medical
bills and that you receive the ongoing therapy you need if necessary. This kind of
personal injury lawyer can also help to obtain funds to pay for any equipment you
may require in order to adapt to reduced mobility due to a spinal injury as well as get
you compensation for lost wages or salary because you are unable to continue in your
present employment; if you require retraining and rehabilitation, a Spinal Cord
lawsuit can address these issues as well.

Winning a Spinal Cord Lawsuit

As is the case with any personal injury case, a spinal cord injury lawyer's job is to
prove that the party who caused your injury had a "duty of care" that s/he failed to
exercise. For example, if your spinal injury results from a fall at a construction site
and the management failed to post clear warning signs, this would constitute a failure
to exercise a duty of care.

Incidentially, if you were employed at a work site when you suffered the spinal injury,
you would also be entitled to worker's compensation, which a spinal cord injury
lawyer can help you with as well. If such an injury means you are permanently
disabled, you may be eligible for government disability payments as well as
supplemental Social Security income.

Don't Wait

As is the case in all states, Colorado law has a statute of limitations on personal injury
cases. If you suffer a spinal injury because of another's negligence, you must file a
complaint within two years or you will forfeit your rights under the law. Although you
can do this on your own, it is best to contact a spinal cord injury lawyer and discuss
your case. Fortunately, this will cost you nothing up front; most Personal Injury
Lawyer will take such a case on a contingency basis, meaning that you pay only if
you win and award.