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									  The Newsletter of the Partnership for Animal Welfare                   P.O. Box 1074, Greenbelt, MD 20768
       SPRING 2007                                                      

PAW Prints in the Park – Sunday,                            dog with a dog caricature by Big Heads and Little
                                                            Bodies, who are donating part of their proceeds to
June 10th, Rain or Shine.                                   PAW. And there’s more. Sign your talented dog up
                                                            for competition for Best Costume, Owner/Dog Look
Come join us for our third annual PAW Prints in the
                                                            Alike and Most Talented trick. For the feline set who
Park at Whitemarsh Park on Sunday, June 10th from
                                                            can’t join us at the park, (hey, they prefer a snooze
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. PAW adopters, supporters, friends
and, most importantly, our PAW adopted dogs
gather to partake in the festivities. Our ever-popular
Walk through a shaded, woodland helps to raise
funds for PAW animals that await permanent, loving
homes and showcases our dog alumni that now have
loving homes in your care. Nothing can be more
heartwarming to our wonderful volunteers than to
see their former fosters and charges, who came to
the program homeless and often physically and/or
emotionally damaged, trotting in our event. The
Walk offers a one-mile trail for the more active dogs
and a short Walk for the leisure set. And the more
sponsors you get for the Walk, the more each step
counts to helping these deserving animals. The                        PAW Prints in the Park, 2006
Walk registration starts at 11 a.m. and Walk starts at
                                                       on the sofa anyway), their human families are encour-
                                                       aged to attend. You can enter their photo in our cat
                                                       photo contest for Best Costume Kitty, Lazy Cat and
                                                       Curious Cat.

                                                            Kids will love Bowie Baysox Mascot Louie and can
                                                            play at the nearby playground. So bring a picnic lunch
                                                            and chairs and enjoy the summer day while helping to
                                                            support PAW and the homeless dogs and cats who
                                                            rely on us for a new leash on life.

                                                            For more information, visit our website at www.paw-
                                                   A registration form appears on the next
                                                            page of this newsletter.
            PAW Prints in the Park, 2006
                                                            Directions to Whitemarsh Park: From 495, take Route
But the Walk is just part of the fun. We will have an ex-   50 East towards Annapolis. Exit at Route 3 North.
citing flyball demonstration from the 4 Dog Night flyball   Continue to light at Route 450 West (Annapolis Road,
group with demonstrations and a special dog Simon-          Texaco on right.) Make a U-turn, back tracking South
says game you won’t want to miss. There will be a           on Route 3. In ¼ mile, there will be a sign for White-
silent auction filled with treasures and scrumptious        marsh Park; take a right, passing the Sportfit Club on
baked goods and snacks for sale. And you can have           the right. The large pavilion is straight back to the end
captured the “real nature” of your                          on the left. See you there!

                                                                                     Contact PAW
        PHOTO CONTEST!                                          PAW is a private, nonprofit, and all-volunteer pet rescue group.
                                                                We do not have a shelter; instead, we keep dogs and cats in
                                                                foster homes and in temporary kennel space until permanent
                                                                homes are found.
                                                                Here’s how to meet our adoptable pets:
                                                                •   ADOPTION SHOWS: Visit one of PAW’s weekend
                                                                    adoption shows, held at participating pet supply stores
                                                                    throughout the Maryland/DC area. For information on our
                                                                    next adoption show, visit our website, call the number
                                                                    below, or see our ads in the Washington Post Classifieds
         You ought to be in pictures...                             under Pets:Dogs and Pets:Cats. We usually have an ad
                                                                    every weekend listing the show location, date, and time.
Think your PAW pet ought to be in pictures? PAW
                                                                •   WEBSITE: To see photos and descriptions of all of
is seeking photos of adopted PAW cats and dogs for                  PAW’s adoptable animals, plus a list of upcoming adop-
our second annual PAW Calendar for 2008. Snap                       tion shows, events, tips, volunteer information, and more,
away and send via email to                  visit our website at:
Contest ends July 31, 2007 so don’t delay. Only one             •   CALL 301-572-4PAW (301) 572-4729 for listings of
submission for each adopted PAW pet. Plus, for                      upcoming adoption shows, volunteer information, dona-
those with multiple PAW pets, you get an extra sub-                 tion information, and more. (Since PAW is all-volunteer,
mission for a group shot. Send in your name, PAW                    we can’t always return phone calls as quickly or in as
pet name and year adopted. Only the adopted family                  much detail as with e-mail. Please visit our website for
                                                                    photos and information on our adoptable pets, since we
can submit photos. An impartial committee of                        may not be able to return such calls as quickly.)
judges will select the winners and winners receive a
free calendar – available in time for the Holiday Sea-          •   E-MAIL: For cat questions: For
                                                                    dog questions: Other addresses are
son. Of course, all of our alumni PAW animals are                   listed on the website.
winners – so we request permission to be able to use
your photos for the calendar, our website, newsletter
or other PAW media. So get out there and start
snapping away – we have lots of happy cats and                                      PAW Shakes
dogs we’d love to showcase!                                       Published quarterly by the Partnership for Animal Welfare
                                                                (PAW), Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the
                                                                            rescue and adoption of homeless pets.
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ship for Animal Welfare. For more information, e-mail                        2007 BOARD OF DIRECTORS:                                                          President: Krissy DeShetler
                                                                                 Vice President: Sue Silver
                                                                                 Treasurer: Vicky Caponiti
                                                                                Secretary: Joanne Goldman
                                                                             Cat Coordinator: Kathy Llewellyn
     United Way/ CFC Number:                                                 Dog Coordinator: Vicky Balenger
                                                                          Fundraising Coordinator: Liv Smelkinson
              #8156                                                        Outreach Coordinator: Dolly Goldfarb
                                                                           Volunteer Coordinator: Casey Stewart

The Saga of Sparky- From                                 other people to touch him. After all he had
                                                         been through, and after having given his trust
Two Perspectives                                         to us, he was not quick to trust strangers. We
                                                         took him to two home visits, where he became
                                                         growly at the perspective adopters, so we took
PAW Foster Amy Bleich writes:                            him to an evaluator, who felt that our boy
“The best part about providing a foster home for         needed an adjustment period to not feel fearful
a pet is seeing                                                                         and abandoned
them go from                                                                            again. Where
"rags to riches".                                                                       would we find a
Last year, PAW                                                                          special person
took in Sparky, a                                                                       who would be
35 lb or so scruffy                                                                     willing to wait
looking terrier                                                                         for Sparky to
mix. He had                                                                             warm up to them
come to us from a                                                                       on his terms?
local shelter, com-                                                                     Luckily, Sparky
plete with heart-                                                                       only had a few
worms and lyme's                                                                        months to wait,
disease from hav-                                                                       and Victoria ap-
ing lived life as an                                                                    peared.”
"outdoor" dog.
        “Once we                                                                       Sparky adopter
had him back to
                                                                                       Victoria Brem-
health and neu-
tered, and once he
                                                                                       seth writes:
                                                         “Sparky is adapting very well in his new
was past his residual pulmonary cough from the
heartworm damage, it was time to start step two          home. It did not take him long to graduate
of his multi-part rehab program- Learning to             from his crate to having free run of the house.
                                                         He quickly discovered the joy of the cozy bed
Live in a Home. He was, at first, like a bull in a
                                                         and has had great fun visiting the pet store to
china shop, running and jumping on animals,
                                                         pick out new toys and treats. He is having fun
people, furniture and tables. He learned quickly
                                                         getting to know my other dog and cat and one
however, and he was soon following the lead of
                                                         of his favorite activities is sneaking away with
my three senior dogs and going with them out
into the yard and playing with dog toys. He              my other dog's toys and hiding them under his
took up frisbee as a hobby and enjoyed running           bed. He also has enjoyed our trips to the park
                                                         where he can play with his frisbee and walk
around the yard - but as soon as the other dogs
                                                         along the beach.
and people were headed inside, he was eager to
                                                                 “I fell in love with Sparky the minute I
be first man in. It seemed he did not want to be
                                                         saw his picture and I knew that he would be a
left alone outside ever again.
                                                         great addition to my family. I am so grateful to
        “He soon became very attached to his hu-
mans and was always looking for us when we               PAW and to his foster mom, Amy, for taking
left him in other capable hands at events and            such great care of Sparky so that I would have
                                                         the opportunity to provide a loving home for
walks. Oddly, he became very clingy, and when
                                                         him for the rest of his life.”
we were around, he showed signs of not wanting

Adopters Say…
Lisa Pfeifer sent this photo of Buzz and
Zina to PAW. She writes:
Zina continues to do wonderfully and she is
much happier having a dog buddy to hang
out with during the day while the people are
out … We are so grateful to have our 2 dogs
and cat (all rescued animals) as part of our

                                           Christina Barbour writes:
                                           Ten years ago you helped me find Jake
                                           (Louie at the time! He had a brother
                                           named Elvis.) He has been an unbeliev-
                                           able dog, and I'm still so grateful for your
                                           calling me to tell me about him. He
                                           has enriched my life in so many ways that
                                           I never expected. We've had some scares
                                           with him along the way - they thought he
                                           had cancer twice. But he's doing great
and no one can believe he's 10! He still acts like the 4 month old bundle of energy
that I picked up in Bowie in March of ‘97. I just wanted to take a moment to thank
*you* for the greatest gift I ever received.
Elvis and Sadie
Betsy and Brian Wright write:
We adopted Elvis the beagle in 1997
and Sadie the little rottweiler mix
puppy in 1998. Elvis is now 10 and
Sadie is 8. They’re both doing great,
just getting a little gray in the face. El-
vis is still a major couch potato and
Sadie is a 10 lb puppy in a 75 lb body.

                 Adopted a PAW pet? We’d love to hear from you!

                                                               Donations in Honor and in Memory…
EASY Ways to Help PAW
                                                               In Honor of People
Thank you for your generous support of the
Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW). Your dona-               In honor of all PAW volunteers by Joanne Goldman
tions enable PAW to continue to rescue, care for,              In honor of Charlotte & Dan Fishman by Joanne
and shelter homeless and abused animals and                    Goldman
place them in loving homes. Your contributions                 In honor of Kathleen Summer’s birthday, by Andi &
have a huge impact on the lives of our animals.                Bob Summers
                                                               In honor of Patricia Terry, by Rebecca Duvall
Most of our funds are spent on veterinary care                 In honor of Patricia Terry, by Steven Terry
ranging from basic vaccinations to life-saving                 In honor of Terri Mancusi, by Sarah Beacom
surgical procedures. We are extremely grateful                 In honor of the District Court Division of the Office of
for your contribution.                                         the Public Defender, Prince George’s County, by
                                                               Anne Gold-Rand
If you haven’t made a donation and are consid-
ering doing so, note that Partnership for Animal
Welfare is an officially recognized 501(c)(3) non-
                                                               In Memory of People
profit charity and donations are tax-deductible. Do-           In memory of my mother, Isabelle M. Ross, by Eloise
nations can be made online at our website at                   Ross Rubincam (a secure and privacy-                      In memory of Shirley Wedlake, by Georgina Liu
protected website) or mailed to: Partnership for Ani-
mal Welfare, P.O. Box 1074, Greenbelt, MD 20768.    In Honor of Pets
                                                    In honor of Missy (formerly Mystery when we adopted
Other ways you can help PAW raise money             her from PAW) and in memory of Maggie, by Anony-
include:                                            mous
                                                    In honor of PAW dog, Troy, by Nancy Sturm
• Shopping online at your favorite stores. Whenever In honor of Sonny Moe, by Sana Petersen
    you shop online, whether it’s for books, pet food,
    clothes, or even office supplies, a portion of your pur-
    chase price can be donated to PAW at no cost to            In Memory of Pets
    you. Just go to or                           In memory of A.J., beloved dog of Tim & Christy Hil- and designate Partnership for          berg, by Virginia Smith
    Animal Welfare (Greenbelt, MD) as the charity of
                                                               In memory of Chappie, by Joy Midman & Daniel
    your choice. Then shop at hundreds of major retailers
    knowing that up to 15% of each purchase will be do-        Maughan
    nated to PAW.                                              In memory of Deno, our wonderful PAW dog, by Tony
•   Shopping at PAW’s MissionFish site on eBay.                & Linda Moringello
    Visit                    In memory of Elenore, by Cristina & Patrick Paul
    nphomepage.jsp?NP_ID=15333. You can also do-               In memory of Macchia, by Robyn Zeiger and Dori
    nate items in clean and working condition to PAW for       Steele
    posting on Ebay. Contact Krissy at                                         In memory of Maggie, by Robby Sherwin and Dave
•   Helping the environment. When you send in your
    used cartridges and digital cell phones (postage           In memory of Mary Hart’s Cisco, by Joann Tolson
    free) to our recycling program, PAW receives $3 for        In memory of Moustache, Bayou, and Cooper, by
    each item. Just drop your used cartridges and digital      Robby Sherwin and Dave Eckert
    cell phones in the pre-addressed, pre-paid bags that       In memory of my PAW dog, Onyx, who passed on
    are available at most PAW adoption events or by
                                                               March 26, 2007, by Jennifer Wagner
                                                               In memory of Olivia, my deaf, liver-spotted beauty, by
•   Spreading the word about responsible pet owner-
    ship. You can help spread the word about responsi-         Jackie Threatte
    ble pet ownership every time you drive your vehicle        In memory of Toddy, by Susan Roach
    by sporting a Spay/Neuter license plate. You don’t
    have to wait until your tags are due to make the

                     Cont’d next page

•   Cont’d...change. Just send your name with a request
    for an application and $25 to PAW at PAW Pet Li-
                                                                    Little Bites…
    cense Plates, P.O. Box 1074, Greenbelt, MD 20768.
    We will send you a signed application. Complete the
    application and sent it to the MVA (address is on the
                                                                    Pet Foster Homes Needed
    back of application) together with $25. MVA will send           The need for dog and cat foster homes is always urgent.
    you your new plates.                                            Without them, PAW cannot save the lives of dogs and
•   Naming a PAW pet. Honor a special friend or pet with            cats who have run out of time at local shelters. Foster
    a $25 contribution to the PAW medical fund at PAW               pets share your home until they find their “forever fami-
    Name-a-Pet, P.O. Box 1074, Greenbelt, MD 20768.                 lies.” You provide food, love, and gentle training; PAW
    PAW will name one of the newcomers using the name               provides all necessary medical care, and can loan crates
    you submitted.                                                  and other supplies. To discuss fostering a dog, please
•   Donating a portion of your Ebay sale to PAW. If you             contact, or for cats, contact
    sell items on Ebay, you can donate a portion of your   Thank you!
    sales to PAW. Sign up for a MissionFish Sellers ac-
    count by visiting:
    seller_regintro.jsp. Post your items on Ebay just like
                                                                    Save Milk-Bone UPCs
    you normally would, but when you get to the “Pictures
    and Details” page, make sure you select your donation           If you use Milk-Bone products, please save the “brand
    percentage and select Partnership for Animal Welfare            seals,” which are the UPC codes on the boxes. Through a
    (Greenbelt, MD) as the designated charity.                      special offer, PAW can get dog ID tags very inexpen-
•   Adopt virtually to help a special needs pet. If you             sively (just shipping costs). The UPCs can be turned in at
    can’t take home one of our animals, become a virtual            any PAW adoption show information table, or mailed to
    adopter. Your virtual adoption will enable PAW to pro-          the PAW address care of Liz Dietz. Questions? Email
    vide care to one of our special needs animals. Print out Thanks!
    the virtual adoption form on the Virtual Adoption web
    page at, and
    then send in the completed form with your donation.
    Our virtual adoption certificates make great birthday
    and holiday gifts.

                   Membership/Donation Form for Partnership for Animal Welfare, Inc.
                 P.O. Box 1074, Greenbelt, MD 20768,, 301-572-4PAW

     ___Membership: □ Single ($25) □ Family ($45)
             ___Renewal: Please check here if this is a renewal membership.
     ___Additional donation: I am enclosing an additional gift of $______
     ___I enclose an additional donation in memory of:
          A person: _________________________________ A pet:____________________________________
     ___I enclose an additional donation in honor of:
         A person: __________________________________ A pet: ____________________________________
     Total Enclosed: $_______________
     ___Volunteer: I am willing to help in the following capacity:

        Name: _________________________________________________________________________________
        Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
        Phone: ____________________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________

       Please make checks payable to the Partnership for Animal Welfare and mail to the address above. The animals thank you

PAW Shakes to…
 •   We are very grateful to the following trainers who       •   James Johnson of K-9 BRRATS for his kind and
     have provided invaluable assistance with some of             expert training of some of PAW’s special needs
     our most challenging dogs: George Cockrell of                dogs.
     Companions Dog Training, LLC; Sabine Hen-                •    PAW’s FOSTER and ADOPTIVE FAMILIES. We
     trich of Four Positive Paws; and Lindsey Reese               couldn’t save lives without you. Slobbers and
     of the Dogwood Acres Canine Academy. Arfs                    slurps!
     and Wags!
                                                              •   VETERINARIANS AND STAFF at Beltway Refer-
                                                                  ral Associates, Beltsville Veterinary Hospital,
                                                                  Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates,
     COUNTRY CLUB FOR PETS, for boarding some
                                                                  College Park Animal Hospital, Family Veterinary
     of our homeless pets at reduced rates and giving
                                                                  Clinic, Gaithersburg Animal Hospital, Hyatts-
     them extra special attention. Woofs and wiggles!
                                                                  ville Animal Hospital, Kenhaven Animal Hospi-
 •   THE POTOMAC ALMANAC for featuring an                         tal, Laurel Park Animal Hospital, Metropolitan
     adoptable PAW dog and cat every week in their                Emergency Animal Clinic, Nebel Street Animal
     paper. Purrs and tail wags!                                  Hospital, St. Charles Animal Hospital, St. Leo-
 •   GAZETTE NEWSPAPERS for featuring a promo-                    nard Animal Hospital, VCA Veterinary Referral
     tional spot for PAW in some of their weekly edi-             Associates, Watkins Park Animal Medical Cen-
     tions. Meows and woofs!                                      ter, and Wheaton Animal Hospital for providing
 •   PRINTING IMAGES of Rockville, for printing this              reduced-cost vet care to PAW’s homeless dogs
     newsletter at reduced cost. Bow wows!                        and cats. Woofs and wags!
 •   WUSA TV'S PETLINE 9 for featuring an adoptable           •   The PLEASANT GROOM 'N INN, ROCKVILLE for
     PAW dog periodically on a live TV spot on the Sat-           boarding PAW dog Archie at reduced rates, and for
     urday morning news.                                          taking such extra special care of him.
 •   PAW’s ADOPTION SHOW HELPERS, DRIVERS,                    •   LAST BUT NEVER LEAST, Maryland-area
     and FUNDRAISING VOLUNTEERS for sacrificing                   PETSMART and PETCO stores, for hosting our
     their weekend hours to help keep our group going             weekly dog and cat adoption shows. Paw shakes
     from week to week. Meows!                                    and purrs to all.

                    Partnership for Animal Welfare                                         Non-Profit Organization
                    P.O. Box 1074                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                    Greenbelt, MD 20768                                                            PAID
                                                                                               Baltimore, MD
                    RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED                                                    Permit #5745

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