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					?Torrent download and uploading is a peer to peer technology that allows millions of
users from all over the world to share files. In simpler terms, it is a peer to peer file
sharing technology. You can use this technology to share all kinds of files on the
Internet, even without the use of a browser. Here is a quick introduction of how the
technology works.

What is a torrent?

File sharing using torrent software requires files to be first converted into torrents.
Torrents are actually smaller files that are created from the original source file. For
example, you may have a full length movie you want to share on a torrent network.
But this file is too big. So you convert the file into torrents (smaller files), so that you
can share them with other users on the network.

How sharing works.

Torrent sharing has been around for many years now. It's not a new technology, but
the concept still puzzles some internet users. Here is how the sharing works.

Once the files have been converted into torrents, they reside on the user computer.
The folders are specially selected folders with permission given to the torrent software
to share the files within that folder. Only files that are within these shared folders are
visible to other users on the network.

If you want to look for a specific file to download, you will need to go to a torrent
search engine, and make a keyword search. You may then click on a search result, and
the download will commence immediately. The search engines will also list other
important information such as how many users are seeding the files. The more seeds
available, the more reliable, and the faster the download.

A seed is when a user complete the entire download for a particular file. That user,
becomes a seed, and he or she now shares the file with other users. That's how file
sharing works on a torrent network. It's based on the basic concept of reciprocity.

Download speeds are affected by several variables.

Firstly, your torrent configurations may be something to do with your download speed.
You may need someone with experience to help you with the configurations. Or you
may want to try out different settings to see what works best. Usually, you can get
download speeds of between 100kbs to 200kbs. That's a speed comparable to some of
the fastest servers on the Internet!

Secondly, the number of seeds available also influence the download speed. If the file
is very popular, and many people are sharing the same file, you will get a much faster
download speed.

Finally, if you really want a boost to your download speed, you can consider installing
special software like Torrent Booster. Such software helps you to achieve download
speeds that you have never experienced before.

Speed up torrent downloads and increase download speed with Torrent Booster.

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