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Do you want to speed up your PC? Well if you want to speed up your PC, here are a
couple of things that you can do to increase your computer's performance.

Speed Up Your PC By Fixing Windows System Files
The Windows system is comprised of a group of program files that work together to
run all applications such as word processors, email, internet browsers, etc. By
scanning and fixing the System files, you will improve the function and speed of your

To scan and fix your Windows System files, you must use the System File
Checker(SFC), which is located within your computer.

To use the SFC to scan and fix the Windows files, follow these steps:
? Close any open programs on your Desktop
? Click on the Start button
? Click Run
? Type this command in the Run box: SFC /SCANNOW
? Click the "OK" button

Fixed your system files, but you CPU is still running slow? If this is the case, then
there may be a serious problem stopping your computer running at its full potential.
85% of most slow PCs have a damaged windows registry. To speed up your PC, you
will need to repair the damaged files.

Speed Up Your PC Guaranteed By Using Registry Cleaners

The windows registry acts as the brain behind your computer and is a crucial
component that contributes to your CPU performance. The purpose of a registry
cleaner(RC) is to help repair and fix all the errors that have accumulated throughout
the years of use and restore your computer back to its original "out of box" state.

Want to speed up your computer, guaranteed? Visit: Top Registry Cleaners

There are literally 100's of different RCs out on the market today and many of them
claim to speed up your CPU. However, the reality is that only a handful of RCs are
truly effective and are even safe to use.

Which RCs are the safest and most effective? Visit: Top Registry Cleaners

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