; Speed Up Hard Disks With Auslogics Disk Defrag
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Speed Up Hard Disks With Auslogics Disk Defrag


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									?It's not a secret that hard disks are the slowest part of a computer. That's because they
have moving parts, unlike RAM and CPU. Fragmentation can significantly slow
down a hard drive, since it forces the reading head to move more. As a result your
computer becomes slower and you even might start experiencing freeze-ups and
system crashes. That's why it's very important to keep the disks defragmented.

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a free tool to fight disk fragmentation. It doesn't need to
analyze the disk first, which makes it one of the fastest disk defragmenting tools
available today. The program has a clear interface and is very easy to use.

Fragmentation is caused by creating and deleting files and folders, installing new
software, and downloading files from the Internet. Computers do not necessarily save
an entire file or folder in a single space on a disk; they're saved in the first available
space. After a large portion of a disk has been used, most of the subsequent files and
folders are saved in pieces across the volume.

Disk Defrag Options
Apart from basic disk defragmentation, Disk Defrag has an option to defrag single file
or folder, lets you schedule defragmentation, and offers command line support.

Command line options allow users to defragment multiple disks, specify how much
CPU should be used for defragmentation, and generate detailed HTML logs. A
comprehensive list of error codes is provided, so that system administrators can use
the program in their automation scripts.

Home users may find that they are more comfortable with the feature-rich built-in
scheduler available in the program settings. The scheduler lets you specify when
automatic defragmentation should be performed, which disks to defragment, and if a
detailed report should be created.

Auslogics Disk Defrag received awards from reputable websites like CNet,
Majorgeeks, and Tucows, and lots of positive user reviews. It is available as a
separate free tool or as part of Auslogics BoostSpeed - an award-winning computer
optimization suite.

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