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									?People who work through emails find their inboxes flooding and overflowing with
unwanted and unsolicited mail on a daily basis. This not only wastes a lot of time but
also effects productivity due to loss of concentration. If someone starts reading SPAM
god help! There have been times when users deleted important emails from their
inboxes due to accidental deletion or just due to the inbox filling up beyond its
capacity. SPAM not only intrudes on an individual's privacy but also causes untold
professional losses.

Despite the efforts of an e-mail user of asking the senders of SPAM mails and
unsolicited messages to stop wasting their time, SPAM tends to stick and does not go
away by itself. However, the good news is that today you can fight spam. With a wide
array of techniques available today, one could defend the inbox by SPAM filters.
These techniques may include blocking addresses or by tracking words that are
generally a part of the unsolicited messages. The following could be a few ideas to
keep your inbox SPAM free.

Heuristic filtering:
This filter checks all incoming mail against a set of keywords and phrases to weed out
SPAM. The more the words occur, the more the chances that the email is a SPAM.

Bayesian filtering:
In this method, the user needs to categorize the emails as SPAM or not SPAM. The
filter then assigns probability values to these emails and measures the frequency of
the mails occurrence. The higher the score, more chances that the mail is redirected to
the SPAM or the trash folder.

Blacklist & White-list:
In this method of blocking, the user can have a list of email addresses that are
trustworthy and can redirect these emails direct to the inbox. This is called the White
List. Similarly, a user can make a list of all addresses and domain names that bother
his inbox through unsolicited messages and redirect them to the trash folder. This is a
Black List. The lists could be kept on the mail server or on the local computer.

Fingerprint technique:
In this technique the SAPM software reduces the email to a numerical fingerprint and
compares all incoming email against known SPAM fingerprints. This is a very
effective method and has been used with great success.

SPAM cannot be eliminated completely, but using SPAM filtering applications would
greatly reduce your workload and increase efficiency by decreasing the number of
mails received daily. offers a free 250MB email mail box along with a robust spam filter that
can enable you to use your e-mail efficiently. Unlike most traditional spam filters, work with all email clients and can block phishing emails, spam, and
viruses before they reach their email client.

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