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					?There are many types of printers ink are available in the market. The type of printer
ink to be replaced inside an empty cartridge depends upon the brand and model of an
inkjet printer. Every brand and model is designed to work with a particular type of
inkjet printer ink that is ill suited for other brands and models.
The inkjet printer of today is equipped to produce both color and black-and-white
prints on the same paper. Color
One of the important characteristics of any inkjet printer ink is its resistance to fading
and water solubility. Besides, the ink should not bleed or dry up too quickly, but
should produce sharp print quality.
Inkjet printer ink is manufactured both by printer vendors and third-party vendors.
There are many types of inkjet printer ink, and each type of ink works well only with
a particular brand of printer. Since all these printer inks are patented, third-party
vendors develop their own printer ink to suit the various brands. But the
manufacturers of original printer ink claim that Inkjet printer ink is very complex in
its composition, so third-party Inkjet printer ink does not work with the latest
advancements made in the printer technology.
Third-party vendors offer inkjet printer ink in new compatible cartridges, which are
more or less equivalent in quality to the original cartridges. They also offer to refill
used cartridges with Inkjet printer ink, and sell do-it-yourself refill kits.
The buyers should always be cautious of spurious and counterfeit inks, and therefore
buy inkjet printer ink from reputable stores that are supported by the Better Business