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									?Following are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding spas

Q. What things should I consider before buying a spa?

A. The position of your spa is your first consideration. You can then decide on what
size spa would be suitable for
your needs and budget.

Q. Does my spa need to sit on a concrete slab?

A. A concrete slab is recommended. However, pavers or even a timber decking can be

Q. Does my spa need to be hardwired?

A. This depends on the spa model. Hardwiring is required if the power drawn is above
15 amps.

Q. What maintenance is involved with the water quality of my spa?

A. Approximately 2 minutes per day is all that is required to look after your spa.
Hose down filters weekly and soak monthly in a filter cleaning solution.

SCS Industries is widely recognised for being the leading innovator of spa design in
the market and its products
are sold throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. They are the first Australian
Spa Manufacturer to be
awarded the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System by
Lloyd s Register. The
company is constantly evolving to incorporate the latest trends in spa technology.

They are firmly focused on customers needs and continue to manufacture innovative
products of the highest quality. The Designer Spas range is proudly manufactured in
Australia by SCS Industries. Using State-of-the-art technology, each spa is
computer tested using a purpose built testing station to test each of the essential
components of the spa. Every
spa is issued with a certificate of verification. To check out their complete range of
designer spas, please visit
them on the internet at .au

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