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									?Lexmark offers-high quality printers for use at home, by small and medium
businesses, by government institutions, and by other large enterprises. They offer laser
printers, inkjet printers, and dot matrix printers of different models and functionalities.
These can be used for fast printing, mass printing, and image printing.

Lexmark has established Lexmark Research and Development Corporations whose
main function is to develop and design software, hardware, and firmware of printer
products. They develop fully integrated printing solutions that adapts to the changing
market of the modern times. The three main printers are laser, inkjet, and dot matrix.
They are known for producing quality printing results as Lexmark uses the latest
state-of-the-art technology. Lexmark Research and Development was the first one to
create the 600-dots-per-inch printing technology as well as the 1200-dots-per-inch to
the market. They were also the first ones to create software for graphical network
printer management. They were first to release wi-fi inkjet printers. As of now, they
continue to meet the standard of excellence in providing printing solutions for home
and business use with their inkjet printers.

For occasional printing you need to get Lexmark inkjet printers. Their technology
produces black quality texts for your documents. For colored images and picture, you
can get high-quality performance with certain inkjet printers as well. There are varied
models for Lexmark inkjet printer. Each inkjet printers has corresponding Lexmark
ink cartridges for every model all producing high quality prints.

Lexmark printer cartridges vary in sizes, colors, and model. There are printer
cartridges that are good for occasional printing that yields quality results on
documents and images. There are also models for mass printing with corresponding
Lexmark printers available. Aside from this, Lexmark ink cartridges can also be used
for its wireless printers.

When buying Lexmark ink cartridge, it is best to consider the quality and the price.
Quality Lexmark ink cartridges should be bought in companies that offer original
Lexmark ink cartridges. This way, you will get the same quality prints in your paper.
This will result even if the print you made is a document or an image. Aside from the
quality printer cartridges for your Lexmark inkjet printer, you also need to consider
the price. As it is, prices for printer cartridges of Lexmark are affordable. But there are
also companies that offer lesser prices compared to others in the market.

One of the companies that offer quality and affordable price for Lexmark ink
cartridges is Ink Colour. The printer cartridges offered by the company covers a lot of
models of Lexmark inkjet printers. They ensure that the printer cartridges that you
buy are right for your printer at the same time compatible with your desktop. They are
also available online for easy quote and purchase. Their prices are inclusive of VAT
and freight already thereby getting rid of add-ons and hidden rates. They are also open
for comments and suggestions that can make their service convenient for you.
Ink Color is your best choice when it comes to getting yourself the latest Lexmark ink
cartridges or other reliable brands of printer cartridges. Log on to their site for more

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