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					?If you plan to buy Sony Vaio VGN NS25G/S Laptop, have a look at its features. This
is a simple notebook, you can carry everywhere. Despite being a simple design, it
attracts the onlookers. It has round corners and can be comfortably slipped into the
bag. It has fabric like texture which tempts you to touch it. This is blend of
contemporary style with aesthetic but functional design. This elegant notebook comes
in there colors, Nightfall Blue, Silk White and Granite Silver. Every color of the
notebook is highlights the clean lines, subtly textured chassis .and ingenious hidden
seams of this extremely elegant laptop. 15.4-inch LCD offers amazingly sharp images
while conserving power.

One extremely useful feature is the presence of multiple USB ports as this is quite a
peripheral friendly NS. Out of its four ports, two are on each side. You can easily
connect things like flash drive, mouse, MP3 player or printer, without any fuss as the
ports are conveniently located in the front of the chassis.

Its built-in Motion Eye webcam and microphone gives you chance to start a video
chat or conference with your faraway friends and colleagues. This camera is perfect
for capturing video, still shots and a face-to-face talk.

Frequently used applications can be launched with touch of a button. There is a
dedicated menu opened by the A/V mode. This menu centralizes nine most used
programs. You can do all these functions from one convenient location.

This laptop is provided with extremely fast Intel Pentium processor and 4GB memory.
With the help of built-in editing software suite and CD/DVD drive burner, you can
easily edit, import and share your digital photos and home movies. And you have
access all the features while you are on move as it has integrated 802.11 b/g/n
wireless LAN technologies.

You can find many online Sony Vaio VGN NS25G/S Laptop reviews which would
give an idea about the features and performance of the device. For getting a
discounted Sony Vaio VGN NS25G/S Laptop price, you may have to make a search
online. There are many online stores offering good deals.

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