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Gone are the days when you had to sit in one place before a boring computer to do
your work. It had a dull design which made working before the same a tiresome job.
As a result, at the end of the day you felt sapped of all energy. To get back that lost
enthusiasm, you need to get hold of a laptop that encompasses latest technology. With
more and more companies producing good quality laptops, the price that you need to
pay to own one is going down day by day.

As a result, laptops have no more remained 'a luxurious possession'. They have
become the need of the day. Since they are portable, you can easily carry them to any
place without any hassle. To add to it, laptops come enabled with latest technology
which makes them up to date in the long run.

Key Features

Sony CR 35 is enabled with Intel Core2 Duo T8100. Hence, your Laptop ensures you
do more work in less time and it proves to be an interesting experience. It has a 3072
KB Cache memory. It has 800 front side buses that connect the processor, chip set,
DRAM and AGP socket. It is the main highway for data in a PC. It has an inbuilt hard
disk drive capacity of 200 GB. All these features come up to deliver a high end
performance that makes life easier for you.


Sony CR 35 has a display screen of 14.1 inches. It has a maximum display resolution
of 1280 x 800. It has a clear bright screen. As a result, using Sony CR 35 for long
hours is an enthralling experience. It also has a sound card, a microphone and a
speaker. You can enjoy amazing sound with Intel High Definition Audio.

Core Information

Sony CR 35 is enabled with Windows Vista Home Premium. It enhances the quality
of your work. As a result, you are engaged in smart work instead of hard work.

Cutting Edge Technology

Sony CR 35 has a built in camera that has a 1.3 megapixel resolution. As a result, you
get to chat live and freeze each and every special moment when speaking to a dear
one from far across the seas.


Sony CR 35 is designed keeping in mind the comfort level that needs to be delivered.
Its ergonomic design and upgraded technology with definitely steal your heart away.

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