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Sony SZ 79


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At 1.75 kg Sony SZ 79 is not the lightest model available. But it manages to be an
eminently portable notebook with a readable screen and a usable keyboard. The
dimensions of the notebook are 315 mm x 234.3 mm x 33 mm. It has a display screen
of 13.3". Its black color gives it a very neat look and it fits in to the category of a
business notebook. It will definitely make doing professional work a pleasurable
experience with its distinct features.

Key Features

Sony SZ 79 comes with an internal modem which has the speed of 56 Kbps. It is also
incorporated with Wi-Fi which is 802.11a/b/g.

The memory of the Sony SZ 79 is the process Cache Memory which is 4096 KB. This
form of memory can be considered as an intermediary between the main physical
RAM and the CPU. The cache makes any data regularly used by CPU instantly
obtainable. If the required information is not located in the collection, a fetch is made
from the main memory. It primarily reduces time and enhances the speed of the


The front side bus of SZ 79 is 667 which are similar to SZ 58 but it differs from CR
34. The bus is the main highway for data in a PC. It connects the processor, chip set,
DRAM, and AGP socket. The process speed of Sony SZ 79 is 2400 MHz. The
standard memory of RAM is 2048 MB. The built-in Hard Disk Drive's capacity is
up-to 160 GB. A couple of things missing over here are the CD ROM Drive, DVD
Drive and Combo Drive. The presence of DVD Writers Drive is the only consolation
available. You may say that advanced technology is put to use so that you get best

Core Information

Sony SZ 79 has a built in camera of 0.3 megapixels. The picture quality is about
average. The battery used in this notebook is the standard Li Ion which lasts for 7
hours on an average use. So, you can work for long hours without the battery giving

The Laptops has various ports and slots for different utilizations. The ports present
include ExpressCard, USB Port, FireWire, Bluetooth and Digital Media Reader. Sony
SZ 79 also has in built speakers as well. With Intel High Definition Audio, enjoying
music or playing games becomes an enjoyable experience. The finest feature of Sony
SZ 79 is the inclusion of a Fingerprint reader. It only detects your fingerprint. Thus,
only you can operate your laptop. This ensures security of your confidential


The operating system used in Sony SZ 79 is Windows Vista Business Edition. This
makes it ideal for professional purposes. The video card integrated in it is
manufactured by NVIDIA. The incorporation of the fingerprint reader will surely
compel you to buy it

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