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AmeriStar Tax Centers Affiliations


AmeriStar Tax Centers highly recognized Tax Resolution firm. If you have any complaints how the IRS is treating you and would like a second opinion, AmeriStar IRS Enrolled Agents and CPAs have many years of combined experience working successfully to help tax payers with the IRS. Assistance in the following areas: IRS Settlements, Tax Preparation and Compliance, Penalty Abatement, Asset Protection, Wage Garnishment, Bank Levy, IRS Seizures, Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Innocent Spouse, Uncollectible Status. No complaints. AmeriStar Tax Centers Johnstown Pa Branch Flyer 1-800-233-4700

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									          Affiliations and Associations

                          AmeriStar is a Tax Freedom Institute Certified Member. Tax
                          Freedom Institute focus specifically upon taxpayers’ rights issues,
                          IRS abuse prevention and cure and problems resolution.

AmeriStar Professionals are recognized by NATP, the leading tax professional association in
the country. NATP professionals work in all areas of tax practice. NATP is a professional
advocacy network of Enrolled Agents, Attorneys and CPAs considered the best in their area of

                                                 Our CPA’s are members of the American Society
                                                 of Tax Problem Solvers, a national, IRS approved
                                                 not-for-profit organization of professionals who
                                                 specialize in representing taxpayers before the IRS.

                                     AmeriStar has been approved as an IRS service provider.
                                     Approved companies are a one-stop resource center for individual
                                     and business e-file, e-services, and e-pay. E-file allows tax
                                     professionals to do business with the IRS electronically, and
                                     participate in use of Electronic Account Resolution (EAR) and
                                     Transcript Delivery System (TDS).

 Tax Freedom            …when you’re ready                          1.800.214.3010

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