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									American Girl
69cm x 94 cm
oil on panel

An American girl passing through Derbyshire called looking for modelling
work. A professional model, her natural tendency was to assume a classic
pose which was not what really interested me. I resorted to one of my
favourite positions for the female form which is foetal, defensive and
private. This painting is also about composition and rich surface texture. She
disappeared before I finished the background…

102cm x 76cm
oil on canvas

Anna is a fantastic model, physically strong and yet quiet. The pose is
unusual and very similar to an etching by Degas which I have always loved.

Cellist Amy Langley
180cm x 120cm
oil on canvas

Amy was an A level Art student who went on to study music at the Royal
Academy in London. As a cellist her study piece at university was Elgar’s
Cello concerto and the painting was done about that time. I did a series of
paintings and drawings of musicians because I felt that there is something
special about the face and demeanour about someone who has the sensitivity
and feelings required to play at this level. The painting also purposely
challenges conventional viewpoints in the depiction of the figure ie. painted
from above and then viewed on a vertical surface at eye level as the
convention demands.

66cm x 91.5 cm
oil on panel

A rework of an old painting using a different model. As my eyes begin to fail
I find it increasingly difficult to paint likenesses from life but I am still
obsessed with the face and the figure. Based on a new face of a Czech girl
with striking characteristics, this is purposely painted mainly from memory.
Believing that necessity is often the mother of invention, I feel that this
could actually be a liberating experience. I also like the formality of
medieval portraiture; the unnatural precision and rather surreal depiction of
the subject this generates. Recently I have chosen to rely much more on the
memory working in conjunction with the subconscious and a more intuitive
process of selection. The painting is too fresh at the moment and probably
still needs to build up a bit more history.

91.5cm x 60 cm
oil on canvas

I have a passion for running dogs. At the end of a portrait commission I was
eager within minutes to start some thing else which was more loose. Jenny is
a whippet cross greyhound and one of the most beautiful, elegant,
psychopathic hunting dogs I have ever known. She always slept behind me in
the studio in this position in my mum’s old chair so it was simply a matter of
turning the easel round and starting a new canvas. It was one of the most
fluent pieces of work I have done in my mature years! I suppose the time
was right and I love this dog to bits. It is the sort of painting you never
want to sell….
That is until the most beautiful young Irish lady you have ever seen who has
an almost identical dog gently persuades you to part with it….. I can hear her
voice now.

Just like the man, a bit like the dog and an imaginary hare

91.5cm x 76cm
oil on canvas

Duncan has an excellent head which I had an idea to paint. He did not have
much time to spare so the head was painted quickly from direct observation
in less than three hours. I also sketched the body quickly. His shape is very
similar to my own so I used myself as a model to finish the body. He was
horrified that his identity had been defiled with my torso. My dog Bill was
very pleased because I romanticized and made him look much better than he
actually does. Hares are usually passing at speed when I see them so this one
was painted from memory. From the outset I was fascinated with the fact
that painted images are on a sliding scale from accurate, objective
observations to romanticised memories and I wanted to combine the
extremes in one painting.

Lady in Black dress
76cm x 60cm
oil on panel

Andrea, a librarian has a great face with wonderful dark eyes.

Louise                     91.5 x 120 cms           oil on panel

Louise is a solicitor, adventurer and long term friend. She is unassuming yet
beautiful; a fascinating mix of gentleness and sheer ability and I have tried
to use opposites of colour and contrasts to suggest these contradictions.

102cm x 76cm
oil on canvas

This lady is a professional model with a fantastic superior presence. I have
painted her three times now with shaking brush.

Nude dance
180cm x 107cm
oil on canvas

Part of the series of paintings painted from above challenging the
conventions of how we view images. The carpet and the model were laid on a
slightly sloping board and I was somewhere up a ladder so as you can imagine
it was a painting fraught with technical problems as both model and carpet
were constantly on the move. I eventually fixed the carpet with nails….
Nude Study
120cm x 91.5cm
oil on canvas

Part of the series of paintings painted from above challenging the
conventions of how we view images. For me I can rarely paint a model simply
as an academic exercise in figure observation. I always see the model as a
real person in a real situation. This lady is a private person and I like the
discretion of this sort of pose which somehow pays respect to her. It also
importantly touches on the child like vulnerability of any individual by using
such a fundamental position.

Reclining nude
120cm x 60cm
oil on canvas

An unashamedly romantic classic image which gives me so much pleasure to

91.5cm x 60cm
oil on canvas

A student who is half Filipino and very beautiful but often sad.

Running dog
91.5cm x 76cm
oil on canvas
The first of the series of paintings painted from above challenging the
conventions of how we view images. Jenny is a beautiful whippet, grey hound
cross who would often sleep on this rug in front of the fire. She would run in
her dreams and also assume the position creating a rather confusing image;
is she running or is she sleeping. Then faced with the problem, ‘How do you
paint this?’ led to some interesting answers.
Violinist on a Persian carpet
168cm x 107cm
oil on canvas

Gita Langley is an ex student of mine and is also the sister of Amy the
cellist. She is a superb violinist and like her sister went to the royal
Academy of music in London. Again viewed from above and laying on a Persian
carpet depicting the Tree of life. A special artist lying on a special carpet…..
decorative and romantic but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

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