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									?I have just received the first of my new Sony w5500 series LCD Television's to
check. Sony have sent me the new Sony kdl40w5500 LCD TV and I should say that
it's a stunner and that's before I even opened it out of the box!

The new Sony Bravia Kdl-40w5500 is an example of the 1st LCD Television's to be
released by Sony for 2009 and is the successor to the disappointing 4500 2008 series
sony bravia m series

Firstly let me tell you straight away that Sony have done their homework and listened
to consumers who moaned about the 4500 models. This isn't just a re-hash Sony have
really created a great lcd television here.

Plug everything in and let the auto set-up take control, the on-screen menus are a
selection of the best I have seen.

No pixilation, pointy lines and glorious detailing in dark scenes, it really is a joy to
observe, but that is nothing compared to when you run a hd ready source.

Having Run Wall-E, The Dark Knight and Quantum of Solace, the picture is at worse
on par with the predecessor 40W4500, if anything of better quality....absolutely

Sony have also made sure that the kdl40w5500 becomes the center of your home
entertainment center, the kdl-40w5500 can now be linked up to any other WI-FI
device in the house so you can now watch any downloaded content from your pc
straight on the new Sony kdl40w5500, this truly is a great feature.

All in all I think this is an example of the best 40" LCD TVs on the market and for
slightly under 9 hundred Franks you cannot go wrong.

If you need to learn more about the kdl40w5500 or you would like to find the most
cost-effective UK costs ensure you check out:


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