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									?The new Graco SafeSeat is the best available for protecting your infant while in your
car. The Safeseat infant car seat has been tested under car crash conditions and
exceeds the USA's safety standards and will offer protection to children as heavy as
30lbs and 32" tall. The seat dimensions measure 26.5 inches x 18.3 inches x 16.5

This new offering from Graco is one of the few rear facing car seats that can
accommodate an infant weighing 30lbs and 32" in height which is the maximum
permitted and just about every child up to 12 months old will be able to use it so in
the long term the SafeSeat will save you money particularly as it is a legal
requirement that a baby is to be in a rear facing car seat until they are 12 months of
age and weighing less than 20lbs. So it can be seen that this Graco car seat is over and
above the legal requirement so will accommodate your growing child for longer than
other seats.

The Graco SafeSeat is in two sections, the specially designed, "easy stay in", base and
the car seat that locks into it. This arrangement makes it easy to transport your child to
and from your car without having to remove him or her from the seat or having to
remove the complete carrier from your vehicle. There is also a convenient carrying
handle built into the design making it comfortable for the parent or guardian. The
"one hand" adjustment feature of this Graco design is a great aid to ensuring the
SafeSeat is set at the correct angle for your child's safety and comfort.

This version of the Graco SafeSeat car seat is actually the first of three in the series of
steps, this is followed by step 2 and finally the Graco Turbo Booster completes the
range. Previous Graco car seats have only been able to carry the statuary minimum ie.
a child weighing 22lbs and 29 inches in height, however, the SafeSeat will hold 30lbs
and 32 inches in height thus accommodating the growing child.

The fact that the Graco Safeseat is able to accommodate 97% of children up to 12
months old, and able to carry the maximum legal weight limits, makes this seat
unique amongst its competitors and it is pretty much the most universal child car seat
on the market. Graco has the parent or guardian in mind also with its one button
height adjustment, the SafeSeat is one of the few around that has this feature making
its use simplicity its self for the family on the move.

Transportation using the Graco SafeSeat car seat is astonishingly uncomplicated, its
built in ergonomic carrying handle makes it a joy to use when carrying infants up to
30 lbs. Another feature of the SafeSeat is a belt lock mechanism that is designed to
maintain the seat belt in one position during the car seat's set up procedure. Graco is
committed to the progression of its seat designs and the simplicity of operation
without safety compromise. The SafeSeat looks the part too and it is sure to match
your car interior and give your child the luxury they deserve.
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