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					krones Sensometic VPGW
The intelligent weighing filler
  Precise weighing, perfect filling                                                                  krones Sensometic VPGW

The Sensometic VPGW filler is              Weighing cell at
employed as pressureless filler for      Sensometic VPGW
non-carbonated products operating
by the gravity principle. This filler is
the ideal solution for specifically non-
conductive products because the fill
quantity can be determined at each
filling valve via weighing cell. Senso-
metic VPGW fills different products
like milk, milk-mix drinks, non-carbo-
nated water, cooking oil, or shampoo
into glass or plastic bottles. Thanks
to non-contact filling, this system is   Non-contact filling
especially suitable for microbiologi-            of milk in
cally sensitive products.                   PET containers
All filling process steps can be pro-
grammed easily and individually –
adjusted to the product to be filled
and to the container. High flexibility,
measuring accuracy, and reliability
make this well-proven filler a real

                                                               Filler carrousel with weighing cell
                                                                        below the container plate
   Figures, data, facts                                                                                                                                                      krones Sensometic VPGW

Method of operation                                                                   Model                Base-    Neck-          Milk    Juice    Water     Pulp/       Clear        Cooking     Cosmetics
                                                                                                          handling handling                                   fibres    products         oil
All Sensometic VPGW filler variants         The individual process steps can be
are designed for filling non-carbona-       adjusted to the requirements via                                                                 X
ted products both conductive and            electro-pneumatic controller.             VPGW (20250)           X                      X                    X         X         X
non-conductive. PET bottles are filled
via neck-handling, and HDPE bottles                                                   VPGW (20260)           X                      X                    X                   X
via base-handling. Depending on the         Application                                                                                     X
pitch circle, a central or a tubular ring                                             VPGW-PET (20270)                  X           X                    X         X         X
bowl is employed as product tank. It        Filling of non-carbonated products
is filled with product from the bot-        which are conductive or non-              VPGW-PET (20280)                  X           X                    X                   X
tom, which is fed to the filling valves     conductive in containers of PET,
via the product pipes. Each filling         HDPE or glass                             VPGW (20265)           X                                                                           X            X
valve is equipped with a weighing
cell. Once the bottles have been                                                      VPGW-PET (20285)                  X                                                                X            X
transferred to filler carrousel, the        Output range
empty weight of each individual con-
tainer will be determined to ensure         Depending on the viscosity of the
the best possible exact product             product to be filled, this system can
dosing. The containers are centred          bottle up to 60,000 1-litre bottles per
below the filling valve and filled non-     hour.                                     Machine pitch                                        94      103       113       126       141         188      283
contact in full jet.
The VPGW filler has two filler speeds
and can therefore be adjusted very          Type designation                          Type            Pitch circle diameter (mm)          Number of filling valves
flexibly to different products and to                                                 121             1,440                                48    44          40         36        32          24      16
their foam behaviour, as well as to         V     Valve                               122             1,800                                60    55          50         45        40          30      20
different container sizes. If the           P     Pneumatic                           123             2,160                                72    66          60         54        48          36      24
defined fill product quantity has been      G     Gravimetric                         124             2,520                                84    77          70         63        56          42      28
achieved, the weighing cell puts out        W     Weighing cell                       126             2,880                                96    88          80         72        64          48      32
a signal for closing of the valve stem.     PET   Polyethylene terephthalate          129             3,600                               120   110         100         90        80          60      40
After a settling phase, the weight of                                                 131             4,320                               144   132         120        108        96          72      48
the product to be filled is checked
one more time - if required, the
weighing cell adjustments will be
automatically adapted.
    Figures, data, facts                                                                                                                                       krones Sensometic VPGW

Design features                                                                        minimum

                                                                                                                                Bottle capacity
                                                                                                                                      5,000 ml
 Gentle, non-contact product filling                                                  maximum
    via full jet
   No minimum conductivity

                                                                                                                                                               m r
                                                                                                    Nu pc

                                                                                                                                                             0 te
   Weighing cells with calibratable


                                                                                                                                                           32 e
                                                                                                      m s

                                                                                                                                                         4, iam
    measuring system with strain


   Gentle media feed from the bot-

    tom via media distributor and

    pipe joints

   Distributor and all parts contact-

    ing product or gas are made of

    stainless steel AIS304 or higher
   Motorised machine head adjust-                                                           Output range                                                    Output range
    ment via scale
                                                                                             5,000 bottles per hour                                 60,000 bottles per hour
   Easily exchangeable handling
    parts and container guides
    Tube ring or central bowl with

    optimal pre-requisite for internal

    and external cleaning

   Cleaning in the closed circuit via


    CIP cups

                                                                                                            m et

                                                                                                         m am
   New safety standards EN ISO

                                                                                                                                                              ng 144
                                                                                                      40 di
    13849 with TÜV supervision (TÜV

                                                                                                                                Bottle capacity

                                                                                                                                                                va pc
    = technical inspection authority)                                                              1,4 ller

                                                                                                                                                                  lv s
    completely applied
   Statistical analysis of fill quanti-
    ties, average values, and standard

                                                                                                                                50 ml
                                           The Sensometic VPGW provides a large
   Bloc arrangement with rinser,
                                             range of sizes, outputs, and container
    labeller, or blow moulder possible
                                                sizes to be processed. Furthermore,
                                            special designs can be realised as well.
   System variants                                                                                                               krones Sensometic VPGW

VPGW/VPGW-PET – the variant for                VPGW-PET (20280) for milk and         VPGW-PET (20250) for fruit juice       VPGW (20265) for cooking oil and
milk and water                                 water                                                                        cosmetics
The basic design is suitable for sensi-
tive products such as milk, milk-mix
drinks, and non-carbonated water.

VPGW/VPGW-PET – the variant for
fruit juice
This variant enables the filling of pro-
ducts with fruit pieces of up to
                                                                                                      1                          1
3 x 3 x 3 mm or products containing
fibres and pulp.                                                                              2

VPGW – the variant for cooking oil
and cosmetics                                                                                                               2
This version has a valve closing to the                      3                           3
back for highly viscous products.                                                                                                            3

                                                                                         5                                  4
                                                                                         6                                  5

                                           1       Valve, fast filling           1   Valve, fast filling                1   Double-acting pneumatic cylinder
                                           2       Valve, slow filling           2   Pneumatic proximity switch         2   Valve stem
                                           3       CIP channel and return pipe   3   Valve stem                         3   Container guide
                                           4       Neck-handling clamp           4   Container guide                    4   Weighing cell
                                           5       Weighing cell                 5   Weighing cell                      5   Weighing cell table
                                           6       Weighing cell table           6   Weighing cell table
  Operation and change-over                                                                                    krones Sensometic VPGW

Screen                                                                         Touch-screen
 Colour touch-screen
 Safe access to the user interface
  using individual transponders
 User-friendly menu setup in the
  operating program
 Task-oriented user concept
 Easy-to-follow display of the cur-
  rent production data
 Filling steps can be adjusted indi-
  vidually and saved for any product
 Malfunction display in plain text     Change-over
  and graphic display
 Text displayed in the set language     With lifting cylinder variants:
 Interface to superordinated             automatic height adjustment of
  systems like LDS (Line Data             the ring bowl and the capper
                                                                                              handling parts
  Storage System) or LMS (Line           Base handling: quick replacement
  Management System)                      of the Raptec handling parts
 Remote maintenance possible            Neck-handling system: with the
                                          same neck-finish diameter and
                                          changes of the container height
                                          and diameter, merely the capper
                                          starwheel and lowering starwheel
                                          must be replaced
                                         Option: special design for suc-
                                          cessive change-over of mixer and
                                          filler making product change-overs
                                          within 10 minutes possible

  Additional equipment                                                          krones Sensometic VPGW

 Design with gable-type table top
 Surrounding chute for preventing
  product residues on the ground
 Collecting tank for product reco-
 Overpressurisation with fine pres-
  sure for highly viscous products
 Fully automated valve manifold
 Spray balls in the ring bowl for
  optimal cleaning and quick pro-
  duct changes
 Product contact parts in AISI 316
 Distributor with gaskets that can
  be rinsed from behind or that are
 Automatic CIP cup feed

                                       Fully automated
                                       valve manifold

                                                         Chute for collecting
                                                           product residues
    System expansions                                                            krones Sensometic VPGW

 Foam cleaning system for exterior    Equipped for
    cleaning of filler                 foam cleaning
   Clean room housing with HEPA
   Nitrogen droppler
   Krones Capcade – cascade sorter
    for caps
   Cappers from other manufacturers
   Aluminium seal machines

                                       Clean room housing

                                                       Cascade sorting system
                                                                      for caps
   Your benefits                            krones Sensometic VPGW

 Versatility
  This filling system is suitable for a
  wide range of products: ranging
  from water to milk and milk-mix
  drinks all the way to cooking oil
  and cosmetics.

 Flexibility
  Change-over to other products,
  container sizes, or filling tempera-
  ture is done quickly, easily, and it is

 Short change-over times
  Short change-over times possible
  through Raptec quick-change
  handling parts or neck-handling
  equipment and easy selection of
  filling program.

 Effective cleaning
  Interior cleaning in a closed cycle,
  optionally with automatic CIP cup
  feed, enables a safe process se-
  quence. Smooth as well as easy-
  to-clean outer surfaces provide a
  hygienic environment.

 Easy maintenance
  This machine is well accessible so
  that all maintenance and service
  jobs can be performed easily.
                                                                                                                              krones Sensometic VPGW

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