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Korean Exhibitors Medicines Medical apparatus Health products


									                           Korean Exhibitors
Medicines, Medical apparatus & Health products

No      Company             WEBSITE                                 Product
                                             FreeM-Giving a high speed Cyclone massage and electric
1    Buheung Medical    FreeQ-Middle/Low frequency stiumualtion, TENS, EMS,
                                                        AIROBIX-Slim care air massager
                                             Compressible limb sleeve system-System to cure patients
2    Daesung Maref     having various diseases by promoting blood and lymph
                                                      circulation with soft air compression
                                                          Radio Frequency Stimulator
3    Daeyang Medical                      Ultrasonic Therapy
                                                           Low Frequency Stimulator
                                                          Ultrasonic Scaler for dentists
                                                                 Air Jet Polisher

4        Dmetec         LED Visible Light Curing unit for polymerization

                                                                X-ray film viewer
                                                                  UV sterilizer
                                                             Blood Pressure monitor
5     Genexel-Sein               Blood Pressure & Glucose monitor
                                                TENS-Transcutaneous Electrial Nerver Stimulator
6        I-Sense                   Glucose Monitoring System
                                                        Boold Glucose monitoring System
7        Infopia                    Hemoglobin Analyzer
                                                              Cholesterol Analyzer
8       NTL Asia                    Tele Cervico system
                                                         Dental Materials (Endodontics)
                                                   Dental Equipment, Obturator, Apex Locator
9     Meta Biomed
                                                        Bone graft substitute (Synthetic)
                                                         Suture Materials (Absorbable)
                                                   Electrocardiograph-Heart diagnosis system
10      Trismed
                                                   Patient monitor-Patient monitoring system
Machinery, Equipment & Parts

No       Company               WEBSITE                                     Product
                                                    Ace Nano Calcium Essential-Dietary supplement and
                                                                   Calcium supplement
11      Ace Korea           Electro-Osmosis Dehydrator for wastewater sludge

                                                            HAMMER-Down the Hole Hammer

12    Chang Shin Int'l                                   BIT

                                                                  DRILLING EQUIPMENT

     Daewon Machinery                              COLOR SORTER for grain milling factories-Sorting the
          Work                                      foreign materials(plastic, glass, bad grain inside grain

                                                                        Crawler drill
14       Everdigm                           Hydraulic breaker
                                                                         Tower crane
                                                              Vacuum Sealer-Packing machine
15      Gasung Pak                   Impulse Sealer-Packing machine
                                                                      Packing materials
                                                      Water Treatment System-System removing and
16         Iorex          preventing rust and scale by instant ionizing water that
                                                           passes through water supplying system
                                                      Vibratory road roller-Leveling for soil or asphalt
                                                              Rebar bender-Bending for rebar
17       Jaechang                  Rebar cutter-Cutting for rebar
                                                         Plate compactor-Leveling for soil or asphalt
                                                        Road cutter-Cutting asphalt or concrete road
18     K-Plus Corp.                      Auto parts for A/S market
                                                     Air Hoist-Overhead material handling equipment
19      Korea Hoist
                                                                      KH-Track System

20       Koswire                stainless steel wire for industrial purposes
                                                   M9 RO MEMBRANES FILTER SYSTEM 3/4 for Water
21     MIcro Filter             M9 FILTER SYSTEM 3/4 STAGES
                                                      REVERSE OSMOSIS MEMBRANES ELEMENT
                                                             FS10 cylinder machined-Car parts
                                                         H6 2.5ear nose impreg(housing)-Car parts
                                                   H6 piston machined from forging w/oreed(stdsize)-Car
22       NL Tech  
                                                             R4 crankshaft machined-Car parts
                                                         GM K Clutch Pulley w/oBearing-Car parts
                                                               Hydraulic Breaker/Hammer
23       Poqutec
                                                                  Hydraulic Attachments
                                                 Superchannel Bender-Bending, cutting machine for sign
24      SDS Korea
                                                                   channel of LED
25       TK Corp.                          Fitting-Pipe fittings
                                                              Ferrule for Car airconditioning
26     Wheel Corp.
                                                              Muffler for Car airconditioning

IT, Electrics & Electronics

No       Company                 WEBSITE                                  Product
                                                 VIDEOSCOP(ENDOSCOP)-Visual testing device based on
                                                 a non-destructive method that allows the inspection of the
27       Caretek
                                                    interior of an object such as engine, circuit and other
                                                            components of vehicle, machines, etc.
                                                  BUYWAY/BUSDUCT-Massive power delivery system in
28       LS cable   
                                                  high rise building, factory and commercial building, etc.
                                                              Hybrid Digital Video Recorder
29      MI Vision                         Hybrid Video Server
                                                           Hybrid Network Speed dome camera
                                                                       CCTV camera
30     Micro Digital
                                                         Splitter Module-high performance optical
                                                             fiber interconnecting components
31       Opteron                             Fiber Array
                                                    CWDM[Coares Wave Division Multiplexer] Module

32       S-Energy           Photovoltaic Module for solar power generation

                                                                    Portable Navigation
33        Wider     
                                                                      AV Navigation

Consumer goods & other products

No       Company                 WEBSITE                                  Product
                                                            Microfiber Cleaning Cloth & Tools
                                                                 Microfiber Car Care items
34         Atop
                                                              Microfiber Lens Cleaning cloth
                                                          Mircrofiber Face Cleaning Cloth & Mitt
                                                  Washing ball-Antibiotic alkaline bio ceramics, Getting
                                                  your clothes clean when used in washing machine, etc.
35       Bio Cera                           Alkaline Filter
                                                      Ato Zero Shower head-Preventing Skin allergy
                                                       softening Filter-Changing hard water into soft water,
                                                        Removing residual chlorine and floating materials
                                                                        causing skin trobles
                                                                         Hot Stamping Foils
                                                                              LED panel
36          EOR                                    Holographic Foils
                                                                       Pet Films & OPP Films
                                                                              Paper Cup
                                                           Cotton Knitted Latex Palm Glove for Working
                                                                      Nylon knitted PU Gloves
       Heungje Int'l
37                                         Anti-static PU Gloves
      (Green Safety)
                                                                         Dyneema PU Gloves
                                                                     Nylon knitted NBR Gloves
                                                                            perming & S/T
38    Iljin Cosmetics                             rinse
                                                                        pre/after aid essence
                                                                              styling wax
                                                       DECO Sheet[Films]-Decorative surface materials for
39     JCT Products
                                                        furniture, Interior & exterior and home appliances
                                                         POLYSTYRENE FOAM BOARD-Pictureframing
40       Neofoam    
                                                                          mountboard, etc.
                                                                 ALOE VERA KING-Aloe vera Juice
41      OKF Corp.                         COCO-Natural (chewing) coconut juice
                                                                SPARKLING-Natural sparkling juice
                                                                       Food Waste Dehydrator
42       Loofenlee   
                                                                   Food waste, Recycling Facility
43         Selene                               Handmade jewelry
                                                                    Cleanroom fabric and workwear
                                                       High visibility and Flame Retaardant fabrics for protective
44   Silitex Purification
                                                                      Duct Air Ventilation Fabric
     Korea Aerospace
45                                         Advanced Jet Trainer T-50

Culture & Content products

                                                         Online Games - AION: The Tower of Eternity-Online
46     NCsoft Corp.   
                                                        Massively Multi Player Role Playing Game (MMORPG)
                                                       Various kinds of Games : Web board, Action, Racing, FPS,
47      NHN Corp.    
                                                                       MMORPG, Online games
48         VOOZ                                 Character Merchandise
                                                   Digital Football Game Machine - Marubot Football League :
49        IR Robot 
                                                    combines robot technology into the arcade game machine
                                                     TV animation series ( Pororo the little penguin, Chiro, Z
50   Iconix Entertainment
                                                                             rangers )
                                                  TV series ( Winter Sonata-a major part of the Korean Wave in
        KBS Media                                the world, The Land of Wind-about the life of the third King of
      (Biggiest Korean                              Goguryeo, Asian Corridor in Heaven-a network of caravan
        Broadcasting                               paths, Noodle Road-Witness the mysterious birth of noodle,
         Company)                                     TV Fairy Tale Happy Life-Sentimental, inspiring and
                                                                    heartwarming human story )

Big Korean companies : LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Hyundai/Kia Motors.

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