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Industrial LCD Monitor- an introduction


									?LCD monitors used in industrial applications need to be purchased only after careful
research and consideration of the required features. It involves quite a major
investment in order to buy an industrial LCD monitor. It is therefore almost
imperative to make a list of requirements. It's also important to get an idea about the
major manufacturers in the field that have a significant role to play in the market.

Another important factor, which one has to decide, is whether to go for an LCD with a
flat display or a Touch Screen LCD. However, at this juncture the advantages of a
touch screen LCD monitor do tip the scales a bit in its favor.

Advantages of touch screen industrial LCD monitors:

Touch screen technology has been playing a great role since the early 1970s. It has
also become extremely popular in all these years. It is indeed a key asset in the field
of industrial computing as it offers quite a number of advantages over its conventional
counterparts. The fact that touch screen monitors act as an input device as well as an
output device, makes it even more viable. One does not have to ask for a separate
mouse, monitor or a keyboard while using a Graphical User Interface. It is so because
the Touch Screen monitor does the work of all three. In industrial applications, touch
screen LCD monitors are more durable and they are also often resistant to dirt, oil,
grease, etc., which prevail in these environments.

While selecting a touch screen LCD monitor, it is really important to remember in
which application it would be used, where it would be placed and of what size the
monitor needs to be.

The big players in the market:

The big guns in the market are Sony, Samsung, Dell, and a few others. Samsung has a
range of industrial monitors of SyncMaster series which are based on the technology
known as TFT active-matrix display technology. The monitors are available in
diagonal sizes of 15 inches to 46 inches. The buyers can choose from as many as 124
different models which come in great viewing details, vibrant colors and clear picture

Dell has more than 12 different models of LCD monitor that range from diagonal
sizes of 15 inches to 24 inches. Like Samsung, these models are also based on TFT
active matrix display. Their resolutions range from 1280x1024 to 1600x1200.

Sony has more than 70 different types of LCD monitors; with more than 15 varieties
with different diagonal sizes. Apart from anything else, these LCD monitors are soft
on eyes and do not cause eyestrain.

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