Indian Saree “One should either be a Work of Art or wear a Work of Art ” (DOC) by gyvwpsjkko


									?Sarees are considered as the principal garment of a Hindu Woman. It consists of a
long piece of cloth, which is wrapped around the middle of the body & the remaining
part of saree passed over the left shoulder. Indian Saree is usually worn over a
petticoat & with a blouse which is known as a choli. The saree is worn both in south
& north India & now it became a symbol of Indian Tradition. Each region in Indian
subcontinent has developed its own unique saree style from an ancient time. For
example, Paithani in Maharastra, Bandhani style in Gujarat & Rajasthan, Chanderi in
Madhya Pradesh, etc. When women wear saree they make a statement in favour of
chastity. There are various Indian saree stores from where one can buy beautiful &
designer saree dresses having good quality & fabrics. Surat in Gujarat, Jaipur in
Rajasthan, Kanchipuram in Chennai, are famous for its good quality & design.

There are distinctive types of Indian saree fibres. Major fabrics which are used in
India are Cotton, Crepe, Georgette, Silk and Chiffon. Georgette saree is made up of
nylon and polyester. It is most graceful fabric. It is very soft & delicate texture which
is more comfortable and gives a gorgeous look also. It can be considered as party
wear due to its shiny looks. It is slightly heavier & more opaque than chiffon. This
sarees are available in all colors. The graceful drape of georgette gets perfectly
blended with traditional Indian designs & patterns. The look of georgette sarees can
be multiplied by zardosi or embroidery work.

Chiffon is a light fabric of silk, nylon, many more. It is made up of very fine, tightly
twisted yarns. The famous product of this fabric is chiffon saree. It is a saree that
makes an elegant wear both for the everyday & evening wear. Indian fashion sarees
mostly include chiffon fabrics in it. Indian chiffon sarees consist of varieties of prints
& embroideries like block prints, resham work and many more which looks fabulous.

 Indian silk is very much popular in the world over. It is famous because of its variety,
quality & weaving. Some people get confused in buying real silk saree. But the best
way of checking the purity of silk is to take a few threads & burn them. Pure silk will
coagulate and leave a black powdery residue i.e. ash. There will be also a faintly
unpleasant odour with it. It is not difficult to maintain good silk. But every cloth
needs some type of caring. Caring for silk is simple. The best way of washing silk is
to squeeze a few drops of lime in cold water & then silk has to dip into it. The process
of rubbing & removing must be very light. Then finally, silk needs to be dry under
direct sun light.

Nowadays, in order to give more gorgeous look to a saree, silk is combined with
georgette. Georgette-silk sarees finds its place in almost all festivals & occasions. It is
an evergreen fashion fabric. For georgette- silk sarees, steam press is recommended.
Such sarees with zari work are very much demanded in India. It has a glamour
element attached to it. Cotton saree is light weight & cool to wear. It is easily
washable. These sarees are available in multiple shades and are preferred by all.
At present there are number of online shops available in market. These shops reduce
the task of shopping for customers. These shops also sell different kinds of
fashionable sarees. The only task left is of selecting sarees from the given shopping
cart and to order it. This task does not need a physical presence of a customer. At the
same time, it is also time consuming task.

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