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                Kemsurf® ESD
                                                                                                                         Tel : 44 (0) 161 343 3355
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             Kemsurf ESD is a sodium neutralised alkyl ether sulphate and finds application in many areas were foaming,
             wetting and detergency are required. Kemsurf ESD has good stability in the presence of high electrolyte and
             hard water environments. Also the product is tolerant to mildly alkaline solutions at ambient temperatures, but

             tends to hydrolyse in acidic solutions.
             Typical application examples :
             Kemsurf ESD has a wide range of applications such as; foam stabilisers in liquid detergents; primary detergent
             and foaming agent in Industrial and Institutional cleaning formulations; general foaming agent; dispersing agent;
             emulsion polymerisation.

             Appearance @ 25°C                                                      :                        Pale Yellow Liquid
             Surface Active Matter %                                                :                        26.0—28.0
             (equivalent weight 429)
             pH ( 10% aqueous )                                                     :                        6.0 to 9.0
             Composition                                                            :                        Alkyl ethoxy (3EO) sulphate
             Type of Salt                                                           :                        Sodium
             Specific Gravity @ 20°C                                                :                        1.043
             Solubility in Water @ 20°C                                             :                        Soluble
             Pour Point °C                                                          :                        <0
             Viscosity – m Pa.s. @ 25°C                                             :                        26
             Odour                                                                  :                        Faint
             Flash Point °C – Closed Cup                                            :                        >100


             Kemsurf ESD can be supplied in bulk road tankers, IBC’s or in 200kg, 125Kg and 25Kg net drums.

             Stainless steel, plastic or glass lined equipment is necessary for storage of Kemsurf ESD in order to prevent
             corrosion and subsequent contamination

             HANDLING & SAFETY
             A Material Safety Data Sheet giving full information on the safe handling of Kemsurf ESD is available on request.

                All information, recommendations and suggestions appearing in this literature concerning the use of the product are based
                upon tests and data believed to be reliable, however it's the user's responsibility to determine the suitability for their own
                use of the products described here.