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									?Viral Marketing means to give away ebooks and e-articles freely so that it spreads
like a virus exponentially. In the ebooks and e-articles, we give links to our site and a
short bio or resource box declaring who we are.

It is also known as the Pull Strategy of Marketing. The Resource box at the bottom
contains the link to our site. Provided the article is good, the reader of that article
clicks on our site address and comes to our site. We have, in other words, pulled
him/her to our site via our article. We also provide our email address. The reader can
click and contact us at any time.

The article proclaims that we know the subject and we will be considered experts in
our field if we write good e-articles and e-books and distribute them. Some people
find it difficult to distribute them freely. After all creating an e-article or an ebook is
time consuming. So what is the advantage in distributing them free? But if you want
the much needed exposure which is crucial to business success, better give it away!

" Be an expert with your own booklet " is what the marketing geniuses proclaim. If
you write a booklet about the subject you are dealing using technical terms, people
will definitely ask you about the terms and the subject in general. Answer their
questions and they will respect your knowledge and expertise.

Write Articles

The mantra on the Net is 'Publish or Perish'. The Net is defined as the Information
Encyclopaedia. It is a repository of free information and resources.

You can write on the subject which deals with your area of expertise. The main
ingredients of content creation are Research, knowledge, skill and style.


Read books on the subject. You can go to search engines and type the subject that
deals with your area of expertise. You can subscribe to other ezines which deal with
that subject. And thus study more about the subject.

All information is available on the Net. All you have to do is to go to the search
engines and group lists and find out information about your subject.

You have heard the proverb " Knowledge is Power". There are many types of
knowledge. Technical knowledge, marketing knowledge, knowledge of language etc.
We have to be accepted by the target audience. For this we should convince our
customers that we are experts in our field. Be a specialist first, then be an expert and
then be an authority, a self-development expert used to say. If you know more than
your competitors, definitely you have a competitve edge over your competition. If you
can establish that you are a scholar in your field and is head and shoulders above your
competition in knowledge, they will come in droves. Why should they go to
somebody who is less knowledgeable?

So it is imperative to develop professional knowledge, to study more and more about
the subject we are dealing with, even though it is time-consuming. Remember on the
Net, there are so many scholars in various fields, each claiming to be experts in their
field. On the Web, the competition is fierce and is only a click away. So our chances
of survival are bright if only we are equipped with the latest knowledge in our field.
The customers are not fools and they will evaluate us as well as our competition.


Writing skill does not come all of a sudden. Writing is basically intuitively inspired
and comes from within. But this creative talent is in all of us. We have not tapped this
divine resource fully. If we give ourselves to Meditation and lapse into silence, we can
see that this talent blossoms of its own. Age is not a factor for we see Goethe wrote
"The Faust" at the age of eighty and Chaucer wrote "The Canterbury Tales" at sixty!

Start by writing whatever you feel about the subject you are handling in your diary.
Group these small bits of information. When you assemble these tiny bits of info and
arrange them, you will be surprised to know that you have written an article. Improve
on what you have written. Let it take some days and after some days of improvisation,
you will come to know it has become a great article.

It so happened to me. The first article I wrote was about Astro Numerology and I sent
it to some friends. They hailed it as a great article. This was a great boost to my
morale. I started an ezine, the Z Files and published my own articles which was well
received by the multitude. This furthur boosted my confidence. I then submitted my
articles to the ezines which deal with Astrology. The publishers thanked me and
published my articles. My hits trebled. Now I have many requests from publishers to
use my articles in their Site or Zine.


Every man has a style of talking and a way of writing. We have not written much and
that is why we are not aware of our hidden talents. If you start writing simple ideas in
your diary and then later expand these ideas, you will be stunned to see that you are
an excellent writer. Just imagine what would have happened if Dante had not written
the Divine Comedy or Shakespeare had not written his dramatic poems! Where would
English Literature be without these gems ?

The pen is mightier than the sword. The ink of the scholar is holier than the blood of
the martyr! Write yourself to glory! Write yourself to fame ! Writing can take you
from obscurity to omnipresence!
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