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									                               Jonathon Hricko
Johns Hopkins University                         Date of Birth: May 15, 1982
Department of Philosophy                         Citizenship: United States
2850 North Charles Street                        Office: (410) 516-7525
Suite 1202                                       Fax: (410) 516-6848
Baltimore, MD 21218-4016                         Email: jonathon.hricko [at] gmail [dot] com

  Ph.D. Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University, expected 2011.
    Dissertation: Hypothetical Entities in the History of Chemistry (working title)
    Advisor: Robert Rynasiewicz
  M.A. Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University, 2007.

  B.A. Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, 2004.
    Minors: Japanese and Asian Studies.
    Honors: Summa Cum Laude.

Areas of Specialty
History and Philosophy of Science, esp. Chemistry; Philosophy of Language

Areas of Competence
Logic, Applied Ethics

Teaching Experience
Instructor, Maryland Institute College of Art
    Objectivity, Spring 2010.
Instructor, Johns Hopkins University
    Future of Humanity, 2010. Co-taught with John Waterman.

Teaching Assistant, Johns Hopkins University
    Bioethics, Fall 2007 and 2008.                                    (Prof. Hilary Bok)
    Introduction to Formal Logic, Spring 2008.                  (Prof. Peter Achinstein)
    Introduction to Formal Logic, Spring 2009.            (Prof. Timothy Rosenkoetter)
    Introduction to Greek Philosophy, Fall 2009.                    (Prof. Richard Bett)
    Introduction to the Foundations of
    Logic, Mathematics and Computation, Spring 2010         (Prof. Robert Rynasiewicz)
Jonathon Hricko                                                                             2

  (Sample teaching evaluations available upon request.)

  Hammond Society President, Johns Hopkins University, 2006–2007.
  Hammond Society Librarian, Johns Hopkins University, 2008–2009.
  Graduate Advisor, Prometheus, Undergraduate Philosophy Journal, Johns Hopkins University,
  (seven online editions, one print edition yearly), 2008–present.
  Hammond Society Essay Contest Judge, Johns Hopkins University, 2009.
  Organizer, Prometheus Forum Series, Johns Hopkins University, 2009.
  Organizer, Prometheus Seminar Series, Johns Hopkins University, 2010.
  Organizer, The Johns Hopkins University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, Johns Hop-
  kins University, 2010.

  “Dworkin on the Moral Psychology of Abortion,” Madness & Religion: Graduate Workshop on
  Theoretical and Empirical Issues in Religion and Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University, April
  “Metaphysics and Chemistry: Atoms and Gunk in Philosophy and Science,” Prometheus Semi-
  nar Series, Johns Hopkins University, March 2010.
  “Inference to the Best Explanation: So Hot Right Now,” Summer Seminar, Johns Hopkins Uni-
  versity, June 2009.
  “On the Reference of Theoretical Terms Before and After Discovery,” Summer Seminar, Johns
  Hopkins University, July 2008.
  “Constructive Empiricism, Discovery, and Observability,” Third Year Paper Conference, Johns
  Hopkins University, April 2008.
  “Salmon and van Fraassen on Realism and Empiricism,” Summer Seminar, Johns Hopkins Uni-
  versity, June 2007.
  “A Response to Nussbaum on Theory and Practice,” First Annual Baltimore-Washington Phi-
  losophy Graduate Conference, Georgetown University, April 2007.
  “Empirical Adequacy and Vagueness,” Hammond Society Colloquium, Johns Hopkins Univer-
  sity, February 2007.

Digital Scholarship
  Skill Set and Languages: HTML, CSS, L TEX, BibTeX

  Websites Maintained:
Jonathon Hricko                                                                            3

Honors & Awards
  Johns Hopkins University Fellowship, 2005–2007.

  University Scholar, 2003 and 2004.
  University Scholarship Recipient, 2000–2004.
  Wilma Binder Zeder Memorial Scholarship Recipient, 2003.
  National Society of Collegiate Scholars, 2002.

  National Deans List, 2001.

Honorary Societies
  Golden Key International Honour Society, 2003.

 Robert Rynasiewicz                                Timothy Rosenkoetter
 Professor of Philosophy                           Lecturer in Philosophy
 Johns Hopkins University                          Dartmouth College
 410-516-6781                                      603-646-1693
 ryno [at] lorentz [dot] phl [dot] jhu [dot] edu   rosenkoetter [at] dartmouth [dot] edu

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