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					?What is Solvency II?
Solvency II, sometimes written as Solvency 2, is a fundamental review of the capital
adequacy regime for the European insurance industry. The main aim is to establish a
revised set of EU-wide capital requirements and risk management standards that will
replace the current solvency requirements prevalent in most European insurance
markets and insurance companies. The remaining key dates for your Solvency II
calendar are:

Summer till end 2010: launch of European Commission (EC)s fifth Quantitative
Impact Study (QIS5).
October 2012: Solvency II enters into force
One feature of the Solvency II directive is the use of its own technical terms and
acronyms specific to the Solvency II initiative itself and the general insurance
industry in general. Some of these are detailed below.

Application of Solvency II

Solvency II is now a mainstream issue for all EU insurance companies and these
insurance and reinsurance companies now recognise that it will have a large impact on
their governance and compliance processes right up to board level. In addition, there
will be a significant impact on all IT and back office operations.

The Solvency II Directive will apply to all insurance and reinsurance firms with gross
premium income exceeding 5 million or gross technical provisions in excess of 25
million. Principally, this initiative sets out to achieve the following two main aims:

Solvency II will set out a new, strengthened EU-wide set of requirements on the
capital adequacy and the risk management for insurers with the aim of increasing
policyholder protection
The Solvency II strengthened regime should reduce the possibility of consumer loss
or market disruption in insurance.
Central elements:

The Solvency II proposals are based on a three pillar approach (similar to Basel II).
The three Solvency II pillars cover:

Pillar 1 Demonstrating adequate Financial Resources

This applies to all firms and considers the key quantitative requirements, including
own funds, technical provisions and calculating Solvency II capital requirements. This
is referred to as the Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) and the Minimum Capital
Requirement (MCR). The SCR is to be calculated either through an approved full or
partial internal model, or through the European standard formula approach.
Pillar 2 Supervisory Review Process

The overall Solvency II process is conducted by the supervisory authority in
reviewing insurance and reinsurance undertakings. This Solvency II review process is
to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Directive and to identify where
there are financial and/or organisational weaknesses susceptible to producing higher
risks to policyholders. The system of governance should include an effective risk
management system and prospective risk identification through the Own Risk and
Solvency Assessment (ORSA).

Pillar 3 Demonstrating an adequate System of Governance

The Solvency II initiative outlines the overall system of governance and the detailed
disclosure requirements that are required. It is expected that the requirements to
disclose information relating to the risk and capital levels of a company will bring
about a better discipline through the overall market influence and influence of the
regulators. The guidelines from the regulator outline that disclosure requirements
should be timely, look to the future and are relevant.

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