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How the revenue is used ultimately depends on the nature of the business. Revenue
sharing for instance, would mean that the profits as well as the losses are shared
among different business groups. It is usually done in a general partnership and
limited partnership type of businesses.

Revenue sharing is also present online. On the Internet, it is often called cost per sale.
It takes place in websites that uses e-commerce and other online advertising methods.

The most popular example of revenue sharing over the Internet is through website
advertisements. In this process, a writer for example, can submit an article or content
on a particular site. Alongside the articles are posted advertisements for different
products or services. Once these ads are clicked by a site visitor, it will automatically
gain revenue which the site owner will share with the writer.

Revenue shares over the Internet depend on the traffic that the content can generate.
The amount would also depend on the percentage that the owner agrees to share with
the content writer.

Revenue sharing on the Internet is gaining more and more popularity. Many Internet
users are now exploring a variety of possibilities not only to use this medium but also
to earn money.

Online revenue sharing is basically a compensation program that allows individuals to
earn money through a website's revenue. It is usually present in a number of sites that
feature different advertisements.

This online activity is also referred to cost per sale or cost per action program. This is
because the advertiser will pay for a specified action such as clicking, buying, form
submission, or purchasing.

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