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									?Do you know that getting free website traffic to your site is probably the most
important aspect of your business? Web masters understand this simple concept and
realize if you don't have traffic you don't have business. Web masters who get
thousands if not millions of impressions to their website every single day understand
SEO is an ongoing process. Some people think they'll write a couple articles and
become rich overnight. Doesn't work that way. In this article we are going over five
simple concepts that will increase your free website traffic. It would not be possible to
explain in detail how this is done. We have just made an overview. If you would like
more information in depth your going to have to log into the site.

1. Optimizing your site for search engines is step number one.

Search engines have been a hott spot for the few who know and understand how to get
their articles or blog ranked on page one. Believe it or not so few people are using this.
It is so important that you do your homework. Make sure you optimize your site so
that it ranks well for the keywords you target. Whether you want to believe it or not,
SEO is the most powerful way to get free website traffic. You must invest plenty of
man hours and efforts into the optimization of your site. If your not doing this your
clearly missing out. Get familiar with SEO because it truly is not that difficult. You
should become familiar with it, learn it, and make your income grow two , three, four,
or five times.

2. Change your blog or website around on a regular basis

If I told you there was a way to put millions of dollars in your pocket overnight. That
there was a secret equation that would make this happen. Only problem, if i told you
this, I'd be lying. Your probably getting extremely disappointed right about now.
There is no magic here and I don't have a crystal ball. If I could divulge a secret it is
that "content is king" in terms of SEO. That is it. If your content is good and frequent
you will get a loyal audience of recurring visitors. If your want a dramatic increase in
free website traffic this is the golden ticket you've been looking for. Content, content,
content. Daily if possible.

3. Don't Overlook Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking is actually immediate results and one of my favorites to do. After doing
the bull work, bookmarking is a piece of cake. One touch of the button and your done.
Ok, your new blog is finally ready and it's time to market like crazy. What is your first
step? The first thing you should do after the fact is bookmark your new article. Get
onlywire installed on your blog. It's a plugin and it's free. No Charge. Zero Dollars. As
long as it is on your blog. Click on the onlywire link and bookmark to 30 or so
bookmarking sights with a touch of a button. Your content is now all over the web.
Free website traffic will be created after staying consistent over a period of time. Not
three days like most tend to think.
4. Ya Facebook and Twitter!

If your not using social networks like facebook and twitter your losing money period.
If you build up your popularity on these social networks you can easily create as
much if not more traffic than Google. The platforms are poweful. Nothing is free,
cheap, or easy that is worthwhile. It will take time and energy to do this but it is free.
And the results you get will be worth it.

5. Backlinks are the name of the game with SEO

This is where you can generate a massive amount of free website traffic. If you can
manage to put your link in a visible place on a site with high volumes of traffic you
can get thousands of hits from this link alone. Getting links from other sites in your
niche is very good for SEO. However, if your using a "backlink builder" be careful.
Exchanging links with "bad neighbors" can actually do you a lot of harm.

If your looking for free website traffic this is just a beginners article. This is a very
vast topic. But let me explain, if your applying these methods properly it is guaranteed
you will generate lots of free website traffic. This can be a very in depth strategy. If
your looking to learn more your going to have to do some digging. Are you ready?

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