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ISO PROFIL filler strips


									ISO-PROFIL filler strips
                                                                                   UK office                   Head office
                                                                           ISO-Chemie GmbH              ISO-Chemie GmbH
                                                                Wheldon House, Front Street               Röntgenstraße	12	
                                                              Ebchester,	Co.	Durham	DH8	0PJ          73431	Aalen,	Germany
                                                                   Tel	+44	(0)1207	56	68	67	   Tel.	+49	(0)7361	/	94	90	-	0
                                                                  Fax	+44	(0)1207	56	68	69     Fax	+49	(0)7361	/	94	90	90

                                                                                                                        Foam technology
Product description
ISO-PROFIL filler strips are profile cut strips of high-
quality PE foam material. They are used in metal
and industrial building structures to seal and insulate
trapezoidal and wave profile sheets. They have the
optimum form to match a wide range of European ma-
nufactured trapezoidal and corrugated metal sheeting.

ISO-PROFIL filler strips are specially designed for the
reliable and durable sealing of trapezoidal and
corrugated metal sheeting, with additional heat and
sound insulation. They are used for sealing applications
in roofing (roof ridge, eaves) as well as for facades
(parapet connections).

Product advantages
•	 exact	fit	and	dimensions	for	every	trapezoidal	sheet
•	 fine	cells	with	a	consistent	smooth	surface                  Service
•	 permanently	elastic	as	well	as	having	form	stability         •	standard	profiles	available	at	short	notice
•	 environmentally	friendly	-	chemically	neutral                •	special	profiles	on	request
•	 available	with	UV-resistant	aluminium	lamination             •	product	delivery	direct	to	the	building	site
•	 fire	protection	class	B2,	B1	as	a	special	property           •	competent	commercial	and	technical	support
•	 two-coloured	for	increased	flexibility	when	installing
•	 conforms	to	the	requirements	of	the	new	IFBS-guideline		
   for joint tightness on lightweight steel constructions       Material thickness
•	 high	and	regularly	examined	product	quality                  approx.	30	mm	or	approx.	50	mm
                                                                      ISO-PROFIL filler strips

                                                                                                              Standard models                                                                          Special colour
                                                                                                              two-coloured anthracite-                                                                 in anthracite or white as
                                                                                                              white, for a reliable and                                                                an alternative colour
                                                                                                              durable sealing of trapezoid                                                             variety, should a single
                                                                                                              and wave profiles on                                                                     colour play a special roll
                                                                                                              building constructions.                                                                  on an installation.

                                                                                                              Aluminium laminated                                                                      Self adhesive
                                                                                                              an additional protection                                                                 with butyl tape to simplify
                                                                                                              against	UV	radiation	and	for	                                                            assembly and as additional
                                                                                                              a higher ageing resistance.                                                              sealing.

                                                                                                              Ventilation vents                                                                        Class B1 material
                                                                                                              to improve the ventilation                                                               in anthracite or white,
                                                                                                              of air in building                                                                       20	mm	thick	special	foam
                                                                                                              constructions.                                                                           for buildings with higher
                                                                                                                                                                                                       fire protection requirements.

                                                                                                                                                              *special properties available upon request

                                                                      Additional products
                                                                      •	ISO-MEMBRA SX a special sealing tape for a                                            •	ISO-BLOCO impregnated and pre-compressed
                                                                      	 reliable	sealing	on	moving	joints	with	extremely	                                       PUR-sealing	tapes,	for	reliable	sealing	against	
                                                                        large joint tolerances                                                                  driving rain on buildings
                                                                      •	ISO-ZELL for sealing and thermal separation of                                        •	ISO-ACOUSTIC for sound absorption in buildings
                                                                        construction elements, including windows                                                with trapezoidal metal sheeting constructions
The latest version can be found on our website

                                                                      The details and information given in this literature are based on best current knowledge. They are intended to serve as general information only and it is advised that
                                                                      the user conducts their own tests for their specific set of conditions to determine the suitability of the product for its proposed use. No warranty or liability is given or
                                                                      implied regarding any part of these instructions or details, or the completeness of the information. We reserve the right to modify, or change, the specifications and
                                                                      information	without	advance	notification.	All	goods	are	supplied	subject	to	our	standard	conditions	of	sales,	copies	of	which	are	available	upon	request.

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