Incorporate a Singapore Company Guide For Foreigners

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					?The Republic of Singapore has provided full support for entrepreneurs who are
wishing to incorporate a Singapore company. There are favorable corporate tax laws,
various business structures to choose from, different work visas that would fit every
foreigners need, hassle-free business registration and absence of red tape and

If you are a foreign entrepreneur or business professional, you are provided with two
options, setting up a company and relocate to Singapore or run your company
operations without having to relocate to Singapore.

If you wish to incorporate a company and relocate to Singapore to manage your
company operations, you will need to accomplish two main tasks: incorporate a
Singapore company and obtain a work pass visa. The following procedures are

Relocation with Employment Pass:
1. Engage a business registration firm to incorporate the company using our local
resident nominee Director on temporary basis until you secure your Employment pass
2. Apply for your employment pass
3. Transfer the directorship upon securing your work pass
4. Relocate to Singapore and start your business

Relocation with EntrePass:
1. You can write your own business plan or engage s business registration firm or
corporate solutions agent to create one for you.
2. Submit the business plan.
3. Upon receiving the approval of the of the EntrePass application from the Ministry
of Manpower, proceed to incorporate the Singapore Company

On the other hand, If you are a foreigner who plans to operate a company in
Singapore without having to relocate, Singapore allows the set up of your company in
Singapore provided you appoint a Singapore resident director when incorporating the

Foreign entrepreneurs that will proceed with Singapore company setup should note
the following:
1. Singapore Companies Act does not allow foreign individuals or entities to
self-register a company. You can engage Rikvin, Singapores leading incorporation
specialist, to set up your company.
2. Appoint a Singapore resident to be the director of the company. A Singapore
resident can be a Singapore citizen, permanent resident or holder of an EP or
EntrePass. In the event that you are unable to appoint a Singapore resident director,
Rikvin can provide you with one through our Nominee Director service. The service
can be temporary or long term depending on your needs.
3. Provide a Singapore address as the registered address for the company.
Alternatively, you can also engage a Registered Address service through Rikvin.

Rikvin provides cost-effective Singapore company setup, subsidiary incorporation,
branch setup, representative office registration and related offshore company
formation services in Singapore including accounting, tax immigration, corporate
bank account and related Company compliance services. Our aim is to relieve you of
the burdens of statutory compliance and enable you to focus on running and growing
your company business.