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No 7/2002                                                                                                  July 22, 2002

The International Peat Society is a non-governmental and a non-profit organisation the mission of which is to promote wise use
      of mires, peatlands and peat by advancing scientific, technical, economic and social knowledge and understanding.

 IPS Summer Activities
Regarding business, Finland is a relatively quiet country in summer, as many people spend their
long holidays at beautiful summer cottages near one of the 180.000 lakes. However, the IPS
Secretariat is working actively on several important projects. As the Pärnu symposium is
approaching, we are directing all our efforts into editing the Proceedings of “Peat in Horticulture
– Quality and Environmental Challenges”. The number of registered participants for this event
has now risen to over 230! Please remember to register by 15 August 2002. Soon we will also
start editing International Peat Journal No. 11. Furthermore, the first steps have been taken in
preparing for the participation of the IPS in the Ramsar COP8 Convention in Valencia, Spain on
18 – 26 November, and in publishing the Guidelines for the Wise Use of Mires and Peatlands.
Raimo Sopo will be on holiday on 22 July - 2 August, and Susann Warnecke on 5 - 12 August.

 Peatlands International on the Way
Issue 1/2002 of Peatlands International has been finalized and is ready for printing. The
magazine will have 52 pages full of information from the peat world, including a report about the
IPS Manchester Convention, further information on Pärnu, detailed reports about peatlands in
Malaysia, Indonesia, Finland, Bulgaria, and Georgia, as well as news from our member countries
and much more. We will distribute Peatlands International to our National Committees in bulk
delivery and directly to our other members at the end of this month. This time, 2000 copies will
be circulated. Attached to the magazine, every member will receive the Annual Report 2001 of
the IPS, as well as the First Circular for the 12th International Peat Congress to be held in
Tampere, Finland in 2004, and a copy of the IPS Internal Regulations.

 A Peat Museum in Sweden
On 16 June 2002, a "Day of Peat" was arranged at Ryttarens Torvströfabrik in Falköping,
Sweden. This year, energy peat was the main topic of the event. The former peat litter factory,
originally established in 1906, is today run by a society of enthusiastic private persons as an
industrial museum. Visitors can enjoy guided tours and an exciting trip on the bog by peat
wagons and a locomotive. The museum is open on occasional Sundays throughout the season,
but it is also possible to book special appointments. If you plan a visit to this part of Sweden
don't miss the opportunity. The museum is located 18 km south-east of Falköping, and about 3
km south of Kättilstorp. More information is available at in Swedish, and

International Peat Society                     Tel.: +358 14 3385 440                         E-mail:
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PEAT NEWS                                   6/2002                                       Page 2/2 in English (click on map item number 37).

 Alan Shaw New Secretary of IPS National Committee in the UK
Mr. Alan Shaw, Chief Executive of the Growing Media Association, has recently taken over the
duties of Secretary of the IPS National Committee in the United Kingdom. Alan is already well
known to members of the Society, both nationally and internationally, as current Secretary of IPS
Commission II and as a member of the IPS/IMCG Working Group which played a key role in the
production of the Guidelines for the Wise Use of Mires and Peatlands. His contact details are:
Mr. Alan Shaw, Secretary, UK National Committee, International Peat Society, c/o Alan Shaw
Communications, P.O. Box 15, Stowmarket, IP14 3RD, United Kingdom, Tel. +44 7071
780273, Fax +44 1449 614634, e-mail

 Second Circular for IPS Symposium in Bremen
The Second Circular on the International Symposium of IPS Commission III “Future Utilisation
of Peatlands”, to be held in Bremen, Germany, on 22 – 24 August 2002, is published now at, including the complete symposium program, information on registration
fees, and excursions. The participants will have the opportunity to study grassland utilisation and
nature conservation at Ipweger Moor, a raised bog, and at Dümmer, a part of the testing and
development project Osterfeiner Moor. As the symposium takes place in honour of the 125th
anniversary of the Institute of Soil Technology of the Geological Survey of Lower Saxony, a
barbecue at the institute is also part of the program. Deadline for registration is 1 August 2002.

 Energy Globe Award 2003
Companies, public and private organizations, and individuals from all over the world are invited
to submit their projects for the Energy Globe Award 2003. The initiative should involve energy
efficiency or renewable energy sources – or a combination of both. The prize is 10,000 Euro per
category. Winning projects will be presented at a TV gala and on the World Sustainable Energy
Day, which will be held in Wels, Austria, on 5 – 7 March 2003. Proposals, including a short
summary, a description of the project, contact details, pictures or other documentation should be
sent to, or to O.Oe. Energiesparverband, Landstr. 45, A-4020 Linz,
Austria before 9 October 2002. Please visit for more information on the award.

 Peat Technologies Corporation (PTC) Establishes New Productions Facility
Peat Technologies Corporation has completed the installation of a "state-of-the-art" peat granule
production facility in Aitkin, Minnesota, USA. Mr. Don Grubich, PTC Board member and co-
founder, reports that this new facility has capabilities of producing a wide variety of special-
purpose granules for various wastewater treatment processes and agricultural applications. The
facility is located adjacent to a permitted peatland containing over 10 million cubic yards of reed-
sedge peat. Don Grubich can be contacted at

 PhD Opportunities in Peat Research in UK
Mr. Peter Leeds-Harrison from the National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI) at Cranfield
University at Silsoe, UK has informed us that two PhD opportunities have arisen at his university
as part of the EU funded project on the sustainability of used peat soils (EUROPEAT). One PhD
addresses hydrology, engineering and geo-chemistry issues and the other is concerned with

International Peat Society           Tel.: +358 14 3385 440               E-mail:
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PEAT NEWS                                   6/2002                                     Page 2/2
socio-economic issues. If you are interested in these positions, you can obtain further details at

International Peat Society           Tel.: +358 14 3385 440             E-mail:
Vapaudenkatu 12                      Fax: +358 14 3385 410        
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