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nina koppel


									              With her sophisticated sense of colour, the
              textile artist Nina Koppel is best known in
              the context of Kvadrat as the designer of
              the Tonus upholstery.

              Nina Koppel trained in textiles at the School
              of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, later also
              teaching there. She experimented with textiles
              from her own workshop in Kattesundet and
              worked with other artists specialising in
              design, clothing and soft furnishings.

              She exhibited at venues including Den Frie
              in 1966 and 1968, at the Charlottenborg
nina koppel   Autumn Exhibition in 1967 and at The Danish
              Museum of Decorative Art in 1964 and 65.
              As the daughter of sculptor and designer
              Henning Koppel and Jytte Koppel, Nina came
              from a family with a long tradition of music
              and art and with a surname that, being so
              well-known in Denmark, made her life easier
              and at the same time more difficult.

              Nina Koppel lived by the motto, “live for the
              moment; die young”. She rode a motorbike
              and led a wild life without inhibitions. Despite
              what was at times the tremendous impetus
              of her hectic lifestyle, she was well loved
              by her friends, colleagues and students at

              Today, Tonus is a classic, used on many
              different designs of furniture. With more than
              4 million metres sold, Tonus is a significant
              part of Kvadrat’s basic collection. It has been
              part of the collection since the 1960s.

              Nina Koppel chose the colour scheme
              herself. Not only was she a person with an
              eminent sense of colour, she was also a
              colourful person and her bold choice of
              pink and orange colours for Tonus attracted
              attention. In other instances, she arrived at
              many of her colourways using the natural
              method of plant pigment. Thus, she mastered
              all facets of the colour circle, from the
              warm colours associated with herbs and
              Oriental mystique to the cooler, aquamarine
              Scandinavian colours.

              Tonus is one of the first examples of an
              elastic woollen fabric, created by adding
              a small quantity of nylon. This makes her
              textile particularly suitable for modern,
              organic furniture designs, which require
              a flexible and yet strong material.

              For further information, please contact:
              Kvadrat A/S T +45 89531866 F +45 89531800
Just like her father, Nina Koppel is
internationally renowned as a designer
of jewellery, particularly thanks to her
famous and highly sculptural “Fusion”
ring, designed for Georg Jensen.

Her design is renowned for bringing together
elegance and simplicity. A quality seen
not only in her textiles, but also in all
her productions.

For further information, please contact:
Kvadrat A/S T +45 89531866 F +45 89531800

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