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Social Media Marketing for Business by gjjur4356


									?Twitter, YouTube, Facebook; you have heard the names. What is all the hype about
social media networking? How can status reports, videos, and blogging be an
influence on your business?

Social media marketing can be an inexpensive, yet very productive way of marketing
your business. A business owner can use these sites to increase the exposure of their
company or organization, drive traffic to their sites, and make more contacts by
broadening their market reach. Here are a few area where you can start building your
social media strategy.

Facebook - It's not just for the college student anymore.
Marc Zuckerberg founded in 2004 and it was exclusively for college
students. In 2006 it was opened to all users 13 and older and has grown by leaps and
bounds since then. Did you know that they biggest growing demographic on
Facebook in 2009 is women 35-45? There is no better platform to connect with your
customers and clients and invite them to get to know you as a business on a deeper
level. Start by exploring the business pages part of Facebook.

Blogging - Instant credibility.
Blogging sites are important part of social media marketing. A blog post can provide
more information about a company and product offerings than a standard networking
site that focuses mainly on short snips of information. Not only will a blog site drive
internet traffic for the business but will also let a reader know what is going on with
the company, what product developments are happening, etc. There is a multi-level
advantage to establishing a blog. Check out to see accompany that uses blogging well.

Video - The power of picture.
On an ecommerce site, video increases your conversation rate 40%. That is a statistic
that businesses can not afford to ignore. Video can tell a story about your business or
product that is far more compelling than simple copy. Additionally, video posts in
sites like YouTube get indexed by Google and now that Google owns YouTube
posting video should be a part of your search engine marketing strategy.

According to eMarketer, 63% of US companies are increasing their social media
budgets this year. Don't let intimidation scare you into not exploring how social media
marketing can improve your bottom line. Let High Performance Advocates show you
how to use social media marketing to improve your bottom line.

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