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       VOLUME 33/No.4/February 24, 2011                 The Twice-Monthly Newsletter of the Village of Kings Contrivance

The painting is almost complete and the new floors
are being installed in Amherst House this week.
Visit us on Facebook at Kings Contrivance Village               PROPOSED GUIDELINE
to see pictures of the renovation in progress or
come see our new look after we open on February                      CHANGES
                                                          The Kings Contrivance Village Board, sitting as the
During the renovation, we welcome your phone              Architectural Committee, is updating the
calls at 410 381-9600. We will regularly check our        Architectural Guidelines document. The goal of
messages and return calls. You may also contact           the document is to keep our community an
us via email                                              attractive and desirable place in which to live. The
( or                Guidelines do not have the legal force of the
through our website online contact page                   covenants. They are an interpretation of the
( ).          covenants and guide the Resident Architectural
                                                          Committee in its recommendations to the
                                                          Architectural Committee. The last time the
                                                          Guidelines were updated was 2007.
          CLEANS DAY 2011                                 Many of the proposed changes would clarify
                                                          current guidelines or separate guidelines that are
                                                          grouped together, such as “Color Changes” and
      SATURDAY MARCH 26                                   “Shutter Replacement”. Larger proposed changes
                                                          include adding a guideline for Green Technology
      10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.                              and Sustainability, adding composite material to
         Raindate April 2                                 the list of acceptable materials for decks and play
                                                          equipment, and adding a guideline for portable
                                                          storage devices and bulk waste receptacles (such
The Kings Contrivance Environmental Committee             as dumpsters).
invites you to this Columbia-wide effort to keep our
open space beautiful. Volunteers in all ten villages      To review the complete proposed document visit
will be joining forces to pick up litter in their, click
respective neighborhoods. In Kings Contrivance we         on “Covenants” then “Proposed Guideline
will be picking up litter in the open space and along     Changes 2011”. The proposed changes are
our major roads. Register at Amherst House on the         marked red. If you would like to review a hard
26th beginning at 10:00 a.m.                              copy, one is available at the front desk of Amherst
                                                          House. (Please remember that due to
Safety vests, bags, and rubber gloves will be             renovations, Amherst House will be closed in
provided. Please wear appropriate clothing-we will        February.)
be picking up in wooded areas. Please consider
the environment and bring your own water in a             The village board wants to know what residents
reusable container. We will, however, have bottled        think of the proposed changes. If you have
water available for those who need it. We will have       questions or comments, please contact us by
reusable water bottles and prizes to participants.        email or phone by April 6th. You are also welcome
                                                          to bring your comments directly to the village
Community service certificates will be available.         board by attending the regularly scheduled April
For more information or to participate on a different     6th board meeting at 7:30 pm when the proposed
day, please call Amherst House at (410)381-9600.
        SPRING CLASSES                         2011 VILLAGE ELECTIONS
                                               This year's elections will fill 3 Village Board
            WEE FRIENDS                        seats and the one Columbia Council seat, each
                                               for a two year term. If you are interested in
Mon. Tue. or Wed. parent & child classes       running, please pick up a nomination petition
      for ages 18 months - 4yrs.               available at Amherst House beginning March
                                               1 at 9 am. The completed nomination petition
                                               must be returned by March 21 at 9 pm.
Wed. a.m. for 3&4yr. olds. Call for details    If you are interested in information running
                                               for office and have questions, please contact
                                               Anne Brinker at (410) 381-9600.
 ELISE M. BROWN SCHOOL OF                      Quick Look at the Elections:
  THE ARTS DANCE CLASSES                       Nomination Petitions: Available on March
Mon. Eves. 5-7p.m. Hip Hop, Ballet I & II      1 at 9 am. Completed packets should be
                                               returned by March 21 at 9 pm

YOGA - register for a free class               Quorum: 62 - We need YOU to
                                               come out and vote
    Thurs. March 10 5:30 - 6:45p.m.
     Mon. March 14 7:30 - 8:45p.m.             Absentee Ballots: Available at
     8 week session begins Mar 21              Amherst House and in the Crown Prints on
                                               April 14th and the completed ballot must be
                                               returned by April 28th at 9 pm.
                                               Elections Times and Dates: Held at
           ARTS CLUB                           Amherst House on April 29, 5-7pm and April
          Thurs. 7:00-9:00p.m.                 30, 9-1 pm
PILATES - *new class & times                   Election Day Events: Kids vote, Flea
    All Levels Sat. 10:15 - 11:15a.m.          Market, Sat. 9 am -12 pm, Free VIN Etching
  *Intermediate Mon. 6:45 - 7:45p.m.           and registration in the "Watch Your Car"
 *new - Beginner Mon. 7:45 - 8:45p.m.          anti-theft program.
          Session begins Mar 7

         GUITAR LESSONS                           ELECTION COMMITTEE
    Sat. 10 - 11a.m. starting Mar 12                MEMBERS NEEDED
ZUMBA GOLD - lower impact Zumba                Village elections are fast approaching and we
        Wed a.m. - call for details            need volunteers to serve on the Election
                                               Committee. Committee members oversee the
                                               voting process to include issuing, receiving
                                               and counting the ballots cast on election days.
FREE GARDENING SEMINAR                         This year's elections will be held on Friday,
                                               April 29 from 5 to 7 pm and Saturday, April 30
                                               from 9 am to 1 pm. Elections this year will fill
HOW TO GROW GREAT TOMATOES                     four village board seats including the
   Thurs. March 31 7:30p.m.                    Columbia Council Representative.
                                               Interested in running for
Presented by Master Gardener, Bob Nixon from   office? Please contact Anne
the Howard County Cooperative Extension        Brinker at (410) 381-9600.
Service. Please register your attendance by
calling us at (410) 381 9600.
         COVENANT CORNER                                                     BOARD HIGHLIGHTS
 The Resident Architectural Committee usually
 meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of                         If you have concerns you would like the Village
 each month at 7:30 p.m. The next deadline is                      Board to address, attend a board meeting. They
 Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 9 p.m. for the                          are held on the first and third Wednesdays of
 meeting on Wednesday, March 9.                                    each month at 7:30 p.m. at Amherst House.

                                                                             UPCOMING AGENDA
 9509 Grey Mouse                     Gutter replacement/                April 6 Architectural Guideline Updates
                                     color change                    April 20 Approval of Fiscal Year 2012 Budget
 9641 Sea Shadow                     Screened Porch,
                                     Deck, Addition
 7397 Eden Brook Drive               Fence (Board on
                                     Board), Slider                           SEARCHING
       RAC REVIEW FEBRUARY 9, 2011                                      FOR SPRING EGG HUNT
 APPROVED                                                               at Columbia SportsPark
 7251 Eden Brook Drive               Bike Rack
 9561 Morning Mews                   Deck, Fence,
                                     Lighting, Roof                                    Saturday, April 16
                                     replacement                                       10:00 - 11:30a.m.
 8975 Skyrock Court                  Spotlight
 10069 Cape Ann Drive                Move HVAC, Front
 7411 Silent Bird                    Landscaping, Patio,                        Crafts & Balloons 10a.m.
                                     Walkway, Retaining                           Egg Hunt 10:45a.m.
                                                                                (bring your own basket)
                                                                             followed by Magic Show with
      DUMPSTER WEEKENDS                                                         "Turner, Dean of Magic"
 Due to changes Howard County has made to
 the dumpster program, Columbia Association is                                       for ages 2 to 8
 not able to allow dumpsters to be placed on
 their property at this time. The County and CA                                   Free Tickets Required
 are actively working towards a solution. Until
 then, bulk waste can be disposed of at the Alpha                                Columbia residents only
 Ridge Landfill at 2350 Marriottsville Road,
 Marriottsville MD. For more info. on bulk waste
                                                                                Tickets available March 7
 disposal, call Howard County info. at (410)
 313-6444. Keep checking the Crown Prints for                                       at Amherst House
 updates on this issue. Remember the Goodwill                      Co-Sponsored by the villages of Columbia
 truck in the village center for donatable items.
Staff/Village Office                                           Board of Directors
Anne Brinker, Village Manager                                  Barbara Seely (Chair)        410-381-6447(h)
Stephanie Moore, Covenant Advisor                              Marguerite Walsh             410-207-2006(c)
Beverley Meyers, Events and Info. Coordinator                  Sara Dillier                 301-233-0036(c)
Jill Bartos, Operations Coordinator                            Fred Niziol                  301-498-4461(h)
Aimee Jennings, Bookkeeper                                     Brian Dunn                   301-725-1042(h)
Julie Steffanoff, Head Facility Assistant
                                                               Columbia Council Representative
Office Hours
                                                               Shari Zaret             410-730-0802(h)
Monday - Thursday          9am - 9pm
Friday                     9am - 5pm
Saturday                  10am - 1pm

         Kings Contrivance Community Association, Inc. Amherst House, 7251 Eden Brook Drive, Columbia, Maryland 21046
                      TEL:410-381-9600 FAX: 410-381-9628 E MAIL-
                               WEB PAGE

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