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					Press Release
July 24, 2008

                                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                        Contact: Jill Zimmerman, 608/310-6722

           WTCA Releases Cold-Formed Steel Building Component Safety Information Booklet

Madison, WI – WTCA’s Cold Formed Steel Council (CFSC) is pleased to release The Cold-Formed Steel
Building Component Safety Information booklet (CFSBCSI), which is now available for purchase. Modeled
after BCSI for metal plate connected wood trusses, CFSBCSI includes the most current information regarding
the handling, installation, restraint and bracing of cold-formed steel trusses.

“The CFSBCSI is a great risk management tool for your business, which is why the industry has been asking for
it,” said Mike Noonan, of Cascade Manufacturing. “All truss fabricators who have been involved with steel are
in need of this tool, and it hasn’t been available before. Now that it is, we, as an industry, need to make use of

CFSBCSI is available in an easy to read 8-1/2” x 11”, spiral bound booklet and includes many photographs and
graphics that help clarify and support the concepts discussed in the text. In addition, each of the six (6) chapters
of CFSBCSI are also available as individual Summary Sheets, which condense the information provided in each
chapter into a few pages that emphasize the main concepts using a more graphical presentation.

The booklet includes information on important safety items to be considered when handling and installing
trusses, required information to be included by the building designer in the construction documents for projects,
crane use and proper truss handling, hip set assembly installation recommendations, long span truss installation,
field assembly and other special conditions, permanent restraint and bracing concepts and guidelines,
construction loads, truss damage, jobsite modifications and installation errors, and fall protection general

To learn more about CFSBCSI or to order copies, please visit www.cfsc.sbcindustry.com.

 WTCA – Representing the Structural Building Components Industry is an international not-for-profit trade association
of structural building component manufacturers. Formerly the Wood Truss Council of America, WTCA evolved its name
     in March 2006 to more accurately reflect the work of the association and its membership. Currently, WTCA has
       780 component manufacturer members, 35 chapters, and nearly 300 supplier and related services members
                       seeking to protect and expand the markets for the products they manufacture.