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Improve Your Free Blog Templates with These Easy CSS Tips (DOC)


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									?Are you thinking of creating your own CSS-based free blog template? Fortunately,
CSS is not that hard to learn; it is an easy language that is tremendously functional.
But for a beginner, simple tweaks can be difficult without the basic knowledge of the
language. So before trying out these easy CSS tips to improve your template, make
sure that you are aware of the fundamentals of configuring your CSS sheet.

Create a template for IE

While there are certainly plenty of internet browsers out there, a free blog template
designed for the Internet Explorer is still useful. More than half of the total number of
internet users use IE as their main browser; so making your template IE-friendly will
help you reach to more users.

The browser, though, is notorious for its less-then-great support for the standards used
by CSS and HTML. What you can do is to use a special style sheet and include an
"IE" tag at your page's head. But remember to target each version alone. For instance,
use "IE 6" for version 6 of the browser or "IE7" for the seventh.

Consider a reset

Almost all browsers have default values when it comes to the padding and margin. So
to solve this problem, consider using a CSS reset for your free blog template.

Use an editor

If you're having trouble configuring your CSS codes, there are expert CSS editors that
can help you with your problem. Advanced CSS editors combined with a number of
useful plug-ins for better control on tweaks and configurations are excellent choices.

Consider making your posts printable

Adding a print function in your CSS style sheet is tremendously useful for several of
your readers. Furthermore, by incorporating such function, your readers can easily
print out a page they particularly like. You can even explore other media when
configuring your CSS. Since users are likely using different gadgets, you can target
phones and other devices.

Use easily understandable code

Unless you're an expert programmer, understandable codes in your CSS can help
beginners, who are also going to use your free blog template. Simple codes can also
be customized easily without going through several severely complicated processes.
Moreover, don't forget to consider compressing your codes before publishing the
template for your site; this will help you conserve bits.
Mark Michael Ferrer
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