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					?SMS Gateway is a utility that uses certain integrated software to send and receive
text and binary "Messages" over GSM/PCS and cellular/mobile telephone networks
via the Internet. They often act as a single point of access to the wireless world.

An SMS Gateway fully supports the following Internet Protocol interfaces;
   POP3 for message transmission, and SMTP for message reception
   A bi-directional HTTP/XML interface
   A simple URL based message submission mechanism
   SNMP Traps for notification of important events

Why prefer an SMS Gateway?

    The Internet actually enables you to convert your emails to SMS messages.
    There is an option to use a Public SMS Gateway, which allows you to compose
and send messages to devices on other networks, and friends or business associates
without SMS-equipped phones or pagers from the service provider's web site. Public
gateways are also often referred to as SMSC or SMS centers.

Public SMS Gateway

For those who don't have access to e-mail accounts, or SMS-equipped phones, a
public Gateway (which available from any computer with Internet access) is an ideal
and convenient way in keeping contact. The fact that even big organizations have
begun using the Public Gateways to send messages to a large number of people tells a
lot of its convenience.

Educational institutions, Governmental as well as non-Governmental Organizations,
Federations, and Associations and other sections of the society are fast benefiting the
boon of SMS Gateways affordable, convenient, and effective. Giving timely alerts
during impending natural disasters like tornadoes, typhoons, hurricanes, floods or
earthquakes has become a possibility through Public Gateway.

There is a limit to everything

Stories on genies and fairies often narrate about granting wishes down to the minutest
details of the wish. SMS Gateway, like any other human innovation, is unfortunately
not a wish granted by the genies or fairies. Since technology is still developing, SMS
Gateways do have some shortcomings, which in the long run might be rectified. The
areas, which need to be rectified and enhanced, should be understood before opting
for SMS Gateways:

    The 160 alphanumeric text character limits remains in effect. If your email
exceeds the limit, the message will be sent in sequential parts.
    A Public SMS Gateways file is not secure. Unlike Web transmissions that occur
as secure transactions, there are chances that a third party will monitor the cell phone
number and message contents when a message is sent through a Public Gateway. In
this case, mobile-to-mobile messages sent through Short Message Service Centers
might seem to have an edge over a Public Gateway in terms of security; but the
chances of being monitored are not left out.

But given the fact that SMS Gateways are benefiting a lot, these limitations are no
hindrances. Numerous Gateway providers are making sure that their customers get the
most out of their services. To begin with, you simply have to choose an SMS gateway
provider, which you feel, can meet your needs.

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