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SMS Gateway Software


									?Group SMS software broadcasts and delivers SMS messages from your PC to groups
or individual recipients on the GSM & CDMA network. Bulk SMS provider is able to
send unlimited SMS messages from a computer or laptop without using the internet
that make a big difference to small and medium sized businesses growth. SMS text
messaging tool is a ready to use desktop software which can send bulk of event alert
notifications, season greetings, invitations, promotional campaigns, contacting
employee, personalized SMS etc. SMS gateway provider application creates message
easier and faster in comparison of typing same message in mobile phone. User can
manually enter or import the mobile number from a text file and cell phone memory
or simple select recipient from recent used numbers or address book. Bulk SMS
messages software can send unlimited number of free SMS from your computer to a
distant cell phone anywhere on the world. Free PC to mobile SMS software includes
features like delivery reports, concatenated messages, Unicode, alpha, numeric or
dynamic sender ID etc. Leading bulk SMS provider tool can easily work with any
windows based operating system installed in your PC. Computer to cell phone SMS
sender software can be used to send SMS messages from PC without having internet
connection. Features: * Download SMS gateway software to send unlimited free text
messages (SMS) from your computer with no monthly fees. * Bulk text message
sender software can operate without using any internet connection in your PC or
laptop. * PC to mobile phone text messaging application maintains the mass SMS
delivering reports. * Free SMS gateway can send mobile SMS in English and other
languages that are support the Unicode characters.For more details visit our website:

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