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The moment you hear Smart Card, you start imagining a rectangular plastic card
which you must using in you r day-to-day in some or the other sphere. However, it
can be in different forms like tokens, chips in GSM mobile phones, credit cards etc.

The word Smart has been aptly coined for Smart cards since these can conduct
business & financial transaction in a flexible and secure fashion without human
contact or interaction. These cards entail safety applications like tamper resistance,
current etc.

Do you know when Smart Card first came into existence? Its history dates long back
to 1970s. However, it has come a long way until now. These have an in-built circuit or
processor, which is programmable and process information. It also has embedded
security & protection system and processes information via a card-reading device.

Smart cards are used for a variety of purposes such as online cash payments,
telephone calling, transportation etc., and can be recharged on a periodic basis for
reuse. Owing to great convenience and mobility that these cards offer the users, they
have become a very important part of our day-to-day lives. Also, these cards are quite
safe & secure to use.

Smart cards are also commendable proof of identity since these allow you access to
places & platforms with limited access rights. The information stays stored in these
cards and is accessible any time.

Owing to the multiple advantages, smart cards have, hence more & more work is
being done in this domain across the world. As a result, more & more Smart card
projects are being outsourced to leading outsourcing destinations like India, where
tasks such as designing, development & testing of Smart Card based solutions is
carried out on diverse hardware & software platforms.

Good Indian outsourcing companies develop contact cards (which serve as
communications channel between smart card and host), contactless cards (powered by
the reader via RF induction technology), 2D Barcode, PKI Solutions, Handheld
Terminals, POS Terminals etc.

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