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					?These days there is no company which does not make use of Identification cards,
better known as ID cards. For many it is nothing but a simple badge which one has to
wear during working hours at office. However there exist a very wide range of ID
cards for people of several different fields. One card is given to every employee and it
is a must for the employee to carry the Photo ID card with him at all times. The
consequences one will have to face without an identity card are severe and hence
every employee ensures that he is carrying his ID card to work everyday. Such has
become the importance of the ID card. It has becomes a part of everyday normal life.
An ID card without a photo of the beholder is of no use these days as many people
find it as an easy way to cheat as it is quite convenient for one to pose as another
without getting caught. This is what happens with voters ID cards at most times.
Hence these days an ID card with photo is a must and is preferred by all.

According to how it is required to be the photo ID card varies in size, shape and
function. Let it be a driving license or in a business firm it is quite safe for one to use
a photo ID card. These cards are merely for the verification of a person's identity and
with a photo in the care it is ensured that the card belongs to the person carrying it. It
is nothing but a permanent plastic laminate. This encloses a photographically
exposable film chip. This can be developed easily with a single processing fluid and it
is not as difficult as most people imagine it to be. Most companies even purchase
badge printers in order to print these cards. However these badge printers are also not
too expensive.

The photo card comes in handy anywhere a person is required to prove his identity
and it contains the full name of the bearer, his age, his birth date, his full and
permanent address and of course his photograph. The photo has to be clear and should
not be spotted or distorted in such a way that one cannot make out if person carrying
the card and the person in the photograph is the same. Other details like an
identification number, profession or rank, restrictions, citizenship status, blood type
and Rhesus factor are also mentioned in the Photo card. Even if someone has had an
accident on the road these cards come in handy and helps one trace the family and
details of the person.

These days the Photo ID cards are used for more than one purpose. For someone who
drives it not only talks about their identity but also about the driving competency of
the person. These days the driving license or the voters id card of a person is also used
a photo card. Several companies print these cards in house and hence save a lot of
money. This helps in generating full proof security. One of the better card printers on
the market is the Evolis printer. You are certain to find an Evolis printer that will
deliver upon your needs and expectations.

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