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Small Businesses owners face many challenges when beginning their business. One
challenge many owners face is figuring out the best payroll option for them. For the
majority of small businesses outsourcing is a highly recommended option.

 Out with Electronic Timesheets

Electronic timesheets have been a very popular payroll solution for small businesses
for a long time and for good reason. They are very useful and simplify many payroll
functions to save time for those that are starting a small business.

Outsourcing your payroll, like electronic timesheets, can simplify your payroll and
even goes beyond the functions of the electronic timesheet.

 Payroll Direct Deposit

Payroll direct deposit can be a headache for small business owners. For this reason
many small businesses do not offer this service. This greatly simplifies payroll for the
employer, but can be considered a hassle by many employees who don't like having to
take a paper paycheck to the bank.

Outsourcing solves this problem for both parties. By outsourcing to a payroll
company the hassle of setting up direct deposit for your employees is eliminated. Your
provider takes care of your payroll direct deposit for you.

 Saving Time and Money

The greatest benefits of outsourcing your small business payroll are those of saving
time and money. It is of vital importance for new businesses to save time and money
in any way they can.

Choosing to outsource as your payroll solution more than cuts in half the time you
need to devote to payroll. You need only phone, fax or send your payroll information
over the internet and the rest is taken care of for you. Your outsourcing payroll
provider calculates the necessary taxes and deductions for you and takes care of the
payroll in the manner you have requested.

The time saved by outsourcing your payroll will more than offset the costs involved in
outsourcing and leave you extra time to devote to your business.

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