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					?Establishing financial independence with a small business idea

Yes, a small business idea could be your key to financial independence. Here we are
talking about financial independence not in terms of earning a lot of money but in
terms of getting rid of the dependence that you have on your current job. Let's see

A small business idea can help get rid of fears

A number of people are completely dependent on their jobs as their means of living.
This makes them fear scenarios which can lead to loss of job. This includes fears
about the boss getting annoyed and hence firing them from the job. If you have the
backing of an alternate job or an alternate means of living (i.e. your small business
idea that you run in your spare time); all such fears would automatically vanish. So, a
small business idea can help you get rid of such fears which are caused by financial
insecurity or circumstances that can lead to loss of job. You will realise that once
these fears are gone, your life becomes even more fun. Also, do not forget the extra
money that your small business idea will bring to you. A small business idea can
generate cash that can help you in getting rid of your mortgage loan earlier. With this
extra cash, you can get those gadgets (which you have been dreaming about) much
earlier than you would have otherwise imagined. In this sense, a small business idea is
one of best form of financial insurance too.

A small business idea can help get a promotion

With the small business idea relieving you of all those pressures (to perform, to fight
for promotion), you will find that you are able to perform even better at your current
job. Your boss is happier. Your colleagues seem more helpful (albeit a bit jealous of
the aura of independence around you). And everything just seems to fall in place all
by itself. With the fears of financial dependence gone (courtesy: small business idea),
you are much more relaxed and confident in everything you do. Hence your efficiency
increases, performance betters and that ever-evading promotion is soon knocking on
your door. High efficiency also means that you have more time for yourself and for
your small business idea. Thus a small business idea might become the reason for
your promotion in your current job.
Though we have talked about small business idea as a part time job for getting
financial independence, you can also take up a small business idea as a full time job
(and if your small business idea is really good, you will get the same or even better

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