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Recombinant Human Collagen
Type I for Research Applications

meet the next
generation of collagen
for optimized in-vitro
& in-vivo research
Collagen Applications
in Research
Collagen is the most abundant ECM                       Collage™ can be used for:
protein in the human body and the                         Coating of dishes, slides and other surfaces to
                                                          facilitate adhesion of cells
most commonly used biomaterial                            Fabrication of scaffolds and 3-dimensional structures
for tissue repair scaffolds. Collagen                     Synthesis of collagen-based composites
has diverse applications for biological                 Collage™-based scaffolds can be used in the
research                                                fields of:
                                                          Bone repair
Advantages of Using                                       Tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue repair
                                                          Spinal fusion
Collage™                                                Advanced wound care
 Optimized tissue culture research by                      Dermal equivalents and artificial skin
 using human collagen for human cells                      Wound management scaffolds
 Optimized tissue engineering research                  Other
 by using human collagen to design                         Vascular grafts
 future tissue repair products                             Ophthalmic grafts and repair
                                                           Nerve guidance and regeneration
Collage™ has not been approved for use in               Collage™ is an ideal material for:
humans                                                     in vitro tissue culture applications
                                                           in vivo animal studies
                                                           Development of scaffolds for tissue repair
Collage™                                                   applications.
Recombinant Human
Collagen Type I
Collagen is the primary building block of the human body. Its biocompatibility, biodegradability and low
immunogenicity make it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. Collage™,
the first plant-derived source of type I recombinant human collagen, offers excellent homogeneity,
contouring abilities and scaffolding properties.

                                                        Virgin collagen, Collage™, forms naturally smooth
           Manufacturing Process                        and homogenous fibrils that create an excellent
                                                        scaffold for cellular proliferation, differentiation
              Cultivation of bio-engineered plants      and tissue repair. Grown in bioengineered
                                                        plants rather than processed from recycled
               Harvesting leaves                        animal tissues, Collage™ has an enhanced safety
                                                        profile and is a natural match for human culture
                 Preliminary recovery process
       Protein extraction and purification              Collage™ is inherently free of animal and human-
                                                        derived components, such as cytokines, hormones,
                 Pharmaceutical grade collagen          growth factors, or other types of human or animal-
                                                        derived pathogens.
                                                                  Collage™ can be used as raw material for
                                                                development of tissue repair products, such
                                                                       as a flowable gel, shown in the figure

Collage™                                                  SEM image of an aligned collagen membrane

Exhibits Typical
Human Collagen
Type I Characteristics

         Identical CD spectra of human collagen           Typical chromatographic profile of collagen

   (mdeg)


             -100                        Human Collagen

             -150                        Recombinant
                                         Human Collagen
                    200            220             240
                           (nm)
                                                                           Gel filtration HPLC
                                                                 9.4 min
 Collage™ can be fabricated
 into 3-dimensional scaffolds
 and used for tissue culture,
 and animal studies
 Collage™ unique production process allows for precise manipulation of the crosslinks that bind the
 collagen fibrils into their functional forms. Controlling their mechanical strength and degradation
 rate, CollPlant achieves the optimal functional form for each given application. Collage™ can also be
 combined with other biomaterials to form composite devices.
 Some functional forms include sponges, sheets, membranes, films, gels and fibers.

                     0.4              Human Keratinocytes
Cell proliferation




                            Control    Bovine   Bovine      Bovine     Collage
                                                alginate   cellulose
                                                                                 Primary human dermal fibroblasts
                                                                                 grown on Collage™ collagen
                      1                                                          membrane
                                      Human Endothelial Cells
Cell proliferation

                     0.6                                                  *



                            Control    Bovine   Bovine      Bovine     Collage
                                                alginate   cellulose

                      1           Human Dermal Fibroblasts                *
                                                                                 SEM image of Collage™ sponge
Cell proliferation




                            Control    Bovine   Bovine      Bovine     Collage
                                                alginate   cellulose

                           Primary human cells proliferate better on
                           Collage™ human collagen scaffolds                     SEM image of electrospun Collage™
Vergenix™, Collage™-Based Scaffold Passed Biocompatibility
Testing and Proved to be Safe and Compatible to Cells and
Animals (ISO 10993)
 Cytotoxicity      Irritation and       Maximization       Systemic          Implantation       Hemolysis
                   delayed type         sensitization       toxicity

    Passed            Passed                 Passed         Passed             Passed               Passed

Specifications of Collage™
Parameter                            Range                                  Examination Method

Quantification                       2.5-3.5 mg/ml                          Sircol
Identity                             Conforms                               SDS Page Western Blot
Fibrillogenesis                      >70%                                   Fibrillogenesis
Purity                               >95%                                   SDS PAGE Coomassie Blue
                                     <1% non collageneous matter            Collagenase treatment

Ordering information
    Cat                              Formulation                     Quantity (mg)            Volume (ml)

    W1019-5ml                        10mM HCl, sterile               15                       5
    W1019-10ml                       10mM HCl, sterile               30                       10
    W1019-30ml                       10mM HCl, sterile               90                       30
    W1019-100ml                      10mM HCl, sterile               300                      100
    W1019-333ml                      10mM HCl, sterile               1000                     333
    S1019-30mg                       Powder, non-sterile             30
    S1019-90mg                       Powder, non-sterile             90
    S1019-300mg                      Powder, non-sterile             300
    S1019-1000mg                     Powder, non-sterile             1000
About CollPlant

                                             Collage B-ver 1.0
Established in 2004, CollPlant specializes
in plant-based production systems for the
expression of recombinant proteins and
biopolymers. Led by a world-class team of
innovators, CollPlant is transforming the
biomaterials industry and its applications
through safe, scalable and sustainable

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